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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition The End.

Tutorial Name: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition The End.  

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The End.

Kill the Enderdragon.

The Enderdragon is the main/"final" boss in Minecraft, it is a giant dragon that can only be found in The End located inside the End Portal. To fight the dragon, you will need a sword, bow and arrows. Once you're in The End, you will find a giant platform full of Endermen with several tall towers scattered around. On top of these towers are little devices, you will either want to shoot these with your bow or build up to them and destroy them, as these devices heal the Ender Dragon.

Once, you've destroyed those devices it's time to attack the Ender Dragon. He will fly around around the map and occasionally swoop down at the players. Shoot him with arrows as he's flying and try to hit him with your sword as he swoops down. The Ender Dragon has a health bar unlike the other enemies in the game, so you should know when he's about to die.

Alternatively, you can do this on Peaceful mode where the only enemy is the Enderdragon.

For a video on how to get to The End, as well as tips on fighting the Enderdragon. SEE: "The End?"


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