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A Little Pack Here, a Little Punch There. (Black Ops 4)

Tutorial Name: A Little Pack Here, a Little Punch There. (Black Ops 4)  

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There is a total of 4 pack a punch locations, each of the 4 locations that you activate the pack a punch is where the pack a punch will eventually be.

You need to survive the rounds in order to pack a punch at each location. If you placed the pack a punch at the Poop Deck, you'll need to spend 5000 points in order to pack a punch. Eventually (generally 3 rounds) the pack a punch will move to one of the 3 locations i.e. Cargo Hold so all you need to do is use the pack a punch there, wait another 3 rounds and repeat until you've pack a punched a weapon in each location. It counts as well if you're repacking a weapon for 2500 so you can just do this with the same gun (assuming it can be double packed).

I recommend doing this on easy difficulty as (understandably) you'll have an easier time as you have 200 health and zombies are slower.

*NOTE* Achievements can't be unlocked if using modifiers, when going for achievements use classic!

Worth 15 Gamerscore.


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