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Acidic Alchemy (Black Ops 4)

Tutorial Name: Acidic Alchemy (Black Ops 4)  

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Where to find the acid trap parts.

Part 1:
- When you spawn into the game collect your challenges by going to the banners outside of the towers and knife (cn_RS) the rope, this will give you your challenges.
- Complete three challenges and once you do a bowl will spawn in the middle of the area on top of a stand. (When you finish a challenge make sure you hand it in so you can get the next one, this is done by pressing X on the fire that corresponds with your tower's challenges that you chose).

Part 2 and 3:
- The 2nd part and the 3rd part are very close to each other, so when you collect the bowl you need to head to the temple, this is basically directly below where you collected the bowl but you need to head into one of the towers and go down then buy a couple of doors and you should be in the Temple
- When you enter the temple stick to the right hand wall and go down the stairs and into a room, at the end of the room on the right hand side is the 2nd part. If you continue straight ahead and head into the next room you will find the 3rd part at the end of the room.

Build-able Locations:

** You must place the parts onto a skull which creates the Acid Trap **

Location's 1 and 2
- If you head back to the spawn area and stand where you spawned in, to your right there will be two towers head to one of them and just before you enter on the right hand side there should be a skull where you can hold X and apply it, this is the same with the other tower on the side you are currently on.

Location's 3 and 4:
- If you head over to the other set of towers the buildable locations aren't just outside the tower but actually halfway up the stairs going up. You will see a skull and can hold X again. This is the same for the other tower.

For the achievement you will need to play 4 games and each time place the acid trap at a different location and get a kill with it. Your first run will take the longest but I found when you get used to the locations it only takes about 8 minutes per run.

This can be done in one run through on IX Rush, as well.

Worth 15 Gamerscore


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