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Shadow of the Tomb Raider - How to gain XP quickly?

Tutorial Name: Shadow of the Tomb Raider - How to gain XP quickly?  

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In Shadow of Tomb Raider, XP is required to gain new character levels and acquire skill points.

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  • Experience points are awarded mainly for making progress in the main storyline. Additionally, you can get them for completing side mission.

  • Another very good method is hunting for wild animals. Each hunted prey is worth from a few to several dozen experience points. In the initial locations it is best to hunt birds, because it is better rewarded than e.g. hunting hares. Wild animals from time to time are "reborn" in the same areas, enabling you to gather a lot of XP while remaining in the same location (e.g. in the Peruvian jungle). It is also worth knowing that the game awards much more XP for killing rare species, e.g. eagles.

  • Another good way is finding secrets. The amount of XP depends on the type of collectible you've located.

  • Skill points can also be gained by exploring crypts and challenge tombs. The award is waiting for you in the final chamber of a crypt or a tomb.

  • One more way you can gather XP faster is by using some of Lara's clothing. Always read their descriptions, because they can inform you about the conditions for gaining more experience points (e.g. for silent takedowns of enemies) - an example of this type of costume element is shown on the picture. This particular item is offered by one of the vendors, but you can also gain new pieces of clothing, e.g. by exploring crypts.


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