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This is the Police 2; November 22 Walkthrough

Tutorial Name: This is the Police 2; November 22 Walkthrough  

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You have "basic" officers at your disposal.

Disorderly conduct - you need a total of 485 experience points. The best way to close the case is to shoot the suspect with a taser gun. If you send an officer with at least one point in intelligence to the call, you can also try to talk the situation over with the suspect.

Attempted robbery - you need a total of 340 experience points for this call. Send officers, among who at least one of them has a point in negotiations or speed. This way you will be able to persuade the girl to surrender or chase her down if she runs.

Impersonating an officer - you need 700 experience for this call. Bring an officer with a least one point in intelligence or negotiations. This way, you will be able to arrest the suspect. If this doesn't work, you have to have someone in your team with points in speed or shooting.

After you deal with the calls the day ends. You will receive badges, which can be later used to buy new equipment and hire staff. At the end of the day, you will have to assign officers to their shifts. Choose six moderately experienced officers. Two of them should have about 300 experience points.


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This really helps through this portion of the game thanks for sharing.