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Resident Evil 7 - The Devil Is in the Details

Tutorial Name: Resident Evil 7 - The Devil Is in the Details  

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There are a lot of things you can read throughout the game, but there are specific ones that count as files. There are a total of 32 in the game to obtain. You can check your stats in the pause menu to keep track. You must save the game, or have it auto save. If you retry a section or die, you must obtain the collectibles again.

To find all of the files, follow the guide below.


File 1: Email from Mia

At the start of the game, press the button on the controller to bring up the item menu. Select the only icon there and examine it.


Tape 1: Derelict House Footage

Once you get inside of the house, go through the kitchen and into the hallway. There is a set of stairs leading up to a save point (cassette player). Next to that, is the tape. You can play this tape in a VCR. Go back downstairs and continue down the hall. It's in the next room to the right.

Achievement Opportunity
Behind Closed Doors
Close a door after you have gone through it. Easily done.
Antique Coin 1

This coin is in the kitchen in the locked drawer. To open it, play the Derelict House Footage video in the VCR and as soon as it starts, back up and look at the ground. Follow the two guys into the house. Unlock the drawer while in the video. When you're done with the video run back into the kitchen and now that same drawer is unlocked and ready to be opened for the coin.

Achievement Opportunity
Master of Unlocking

After getting the first coin, you will unlock this achievement.

File 2: List of names (Front) and File 3: List of Names (Back)

After pulling the secret switch inside the fireplace, you'll go down a ladder. Eventually, you will go through water and come back to dry floor. Continue forward and you'll see a cell with a girl inside of it. To your left, next to the needed Bolt Cutter item, is the list. Examine it, then rotate it around to examine it again for both front and back sides.


File 4: Home-Improvement Store Receipt

After some stressful scenes, you'll eventually be at a dinner table. This is in a new area. Turn towards the kitchen and to the right there are notes and pages on the cupboard. One of them is the file.

File 5: Newspaper Article - Missing People

From the last file, look to the right to see another living room area with an entertainment system. On the coffee table is a stack of newspapers.

Antique Coin 2

One you find a key and unlock the basement hatch, you'll see this coin on a riding lawn mower to your left.

Achievement Opportunity

After arriving in the first safe room that has the item box, look at the shelf nearby to see an orange box. Examine and open it, and you will unlock the achievement.

Mr Everywhere 1

You may have seen these purple bobble heads before already. Once you obtain the knife (must walk around until the scene happens in the hallway), you can destroy them. Head back into the laundry room. You can destroy your first one under the save point.

Mr Everywhere 2

Continue down the hallway straight from the laundry room. You'll pass the double doors with what will appear to be a puzzle. The dead end has the bobble head.

Mr Everywhere 3

As soon as you get to the Main Hall (after unlocking the double doors), turn left to see the bobble head on the table. You can use your knife even though it says to shoot it.

Antique Coin 3

Move past that table, and to the drawer which has the coin inside of it.

File 6: Newspaper Article - Over 20 Missing

Opposite of the Mr Everywhere 3, you'll find a newspaper on the desk.

Antique Coin 4, Mr Everywhere 4

Head upstairs and you'll see the elderly lady in the chair. Walk into the door next to her. Go into the first door on the right in that hallway. You'll see a pool table. Behind it there is a basket. In front of the basket is a coin and inside of the basket is the Mr Everywhere.

File 7: Jack's Journal

In the same pool room where you got the above collectibles, go behind the bar area (with the TV on it) and inside a desk is the journal.

File 8 Jack's Memo

In the same room, underneath the animal head, is a paper next to the white statue.

Videotape 2: Mia

On the bar the tape is right there next to the TV. There is an achievement when you play the video to go through without being seen. If you get spotted you can just retry. It won't count against you.

Achievement Opportunity
Can't Catch Me

During the tape, don't get spotted by Marguerite. If you do, just retry.

Antique Coin 5

Continue down the hall, and you'll find the coin in the bathroom, inside of the toilet.

Mr Everywhere 5

After the shadow puzzle, you'll find yourself in a room with a stuffed deer. You'll see a locked door that has a dead crow nailed to it. To the right of the crow you'll spot the Mr Everywhere.

Antique Coin 6

Go through the only door you can open at this point, and you'll spot a lantern on a table. The astray next to it has the coin.

File 9: Travis' Memo (Front) File 10: Travis' Memo (Back)

Continue on. After killing your first enemy, continue on and you'll see a staircase leading down. First, head through the door on the left of it which is a safe room. In a drawer on the left, you'll find this piece of paper. Rotate it and make sure you read both sides before you continue.

Achievement Opportunity
Arms in the Air, Things Got Personal

This is a good spot to grab the blocking achievement, and the one for finishing off an enemy with a knife. This is because you have already fought one of them as well as the save point is just before the next enemy. Head down the stairs and go down the halls until you fight this one. Shoot it a few times, block an attack, and finish it off with the knife.

File 11: Incinerator Room Memo

After going down the stairs, you'll continue through hallways. Eventually there will be a white door to your right. Go inside and the memo is above the sink.

Antique Coin 7

Continue on and there will be two locked doors. There is a blue gate you can open. Look to the left to see a wooden pallet. Right behind and next to it is a hole with the antique coin sitting on the edge.

Mr Everywhere 6

After the scorpion key, you can head even farther downstairs. There is a locked door and next to it are some buckets with the Mr Everywhere in front of them on the right.

File 12: Memo About Relief

Head back to the Main Hall area, you'll still have to be careful about Jack. Go to Grandma's room which is the upstairs room that is a scorpion door.

File 13: Doctor's Letter

In this same room (Grandma's Room), next to the door is a drawer you can open.


Antique Coin 8

Once you are finally outside after collecting all of the Dog Heads to open the door, go down the steps and move forward a little. Turn around to face the house. To the left of those steps facing them, you can walk through the plants and find the coin in a pot.

Mr Everywhere 7

Outside, there is a trailer. In the steps you'll find the bobble head. This is also a save room.

File 14: Zoe's Investigation Notes

Inside the trailer, to the right next to the fridge, are notes on a board.

Antique Coin 9

To the right of the notes by a bird cage, is the next coin.


Mr Everywhere 8

Inside Old House, which is the next area to explore, you'll go a route that you did when doing the MIA tape. When you get to the save room that is over the plank outside (near where you did the shadowbox puzzle), you will see this to the left above the inventory box.

Achievement Opportunity
In the Bag

There is a backpack in this room, so make sure to grab it for the "In the Bag" achievement.

Achievement Opportunity
Nice Try

If you haven't already obtained this earlier, this would be a good time to grab the "Nice Try" achievement. Go to the shadow plinth and put a random item on it.

Achievement Opportunity
Slash Slash, Slashity Slash!

Slash Slash, Slashity Slash! is obtainable in this area. There are tons of spiders in the Dining Room area. They are on the doors of a metal locker. Start slicing with your knife, slowly moving forward. When you connect, stand there and get them all killed. If you get too close, they will jump on you!

Mr Everywhere 9

After finding the pieces to build the flamethrower, burn the insect nests. Crawl through the fireplace. Go halfway down the stairs and turn around to see the Mr Everywhere.

Antique Coin 10

Go down the stairs from above, and find the coin on the cart.

File 15: Margurite's Warning

After solving the shadow puzzle with the spider, continue on and to your right there will be a staircase leading up to a crow door. To the right, read the note.

Mr Everywhere 10

Head down the crawlspace that Mia had to go through in the video. There is a bobble head on the left, just before the crank you need.

Antique Coin 11

Head outside again near the water station area, and use the crank to go to the outhouse. On the toilet is the coin.

File 16: Serum Documentation

After the battle where you have to fight swarms and exit a pit, unlock the crow door upstairs in the Old House. You'll find a suitcase on a table beneath hanging dolls. Read the paper inside.

File 17: Marguerite's Notebook

After the last file, continue on and you'll see an entry after some steps. Inside next to the piano is a table with the file.

Mr Everywhere 11

Continue down the hall to find a lantern with a counter weight on it. To the right and in front of it, you'll see the bobble head.

Antique Coin 12

In the same area, you'll find a dresser with a coin inside the top drawer.


File 18: Memo on Deputy's Head

After defeating the boss and eventually grabbing an arm, you will head back to your trailer to answer a phone call. The caller will tell you to look in the fridge, where your next file is.

File 19: Luckas' Journal

After unlocking the Kid's room with the snake key, head inside and look to your left to find the file.

File 20: Torn Page from Journal

In the same room as 19, to the right is a dresser with a mirror. In front of the mirror will be the file.

File 21: Clock Memo

After unlocking the master bedroom with the snake key, this is on the table next to a clock. Set the clock to 10:15 to move forward with the game. Before venturing forward, be sure to check the closet inside the room. It contains another backpack to increase your inventory.

Mr Everywhere 12

Once you have used the button from the lamp to drop a ladder in the kid room, climb up and turn around to see the bobble head. This one you must shoot.

Videotape 3: Happy Birthday

After climbing the ladder from the previous collectible, open the cabinet to gain the tape. There is an achievement for completing this within 5 minutes.
Take the candle from the clown. Head to the kitchen towards the birthday cake. Stand next to the barrel until it ends, and take the winding key. Go to the wall and enter the code: Hanging person, tombstone, baby. Grab the straw figurine. Go to the stove and light the figure on fire to obtain finger, then light the candle. Head to the monitors and go right into the balloon room. Grab the yellow balloon in the right corner next to the furniture. Head back to the kitchen looking right to find a painting on the wall. Use the balloon on the gas line to pop it and gain the pen. Head back to the clown. Put the finger in place, the pen, then the winding key. Run back to the balloon room and enter in the password. Grab the crank in the room that unlocked, and head back to the cake. Turn around and use crank on pipe. Light the candle on the stove again, and put it on birthday cake. Achievement should unlock.

This could take a couple of tries, but the main shortcut that you must do is to skip gaining the telescope from the toilet, and having to walk through the water with it, and having to look at the monitors. The keypad for the "loser" password will not work until you get the carving in your arm.

Achievement Opportunity
Out Before Dessert

You will obtain this video take from the kid's attic after gaining the snake key. Take it back to the trailer to play it. This is the third tape.

This might take a few attempts. Here is a quick run down.

-Grab candle from clown
-Grab Winding Key from barrel next to cake
-Enter code on wall (hanging person, tombstone, baby). Obtain straw figure
-Burn straw figure on stove. Light candle and burn rope door with it that is past monitors
-Grab yellow balloon, take it to gas line and fill it to get pen
-Go to clown. Put finger and pen in hand. Use winding key
-Run back to balloon room, enter code and grab the valve
-Use valve in balloon room
-Light candle on stove once more, and take to birthday cake


Antique Coin 13

After grabbing the key cards and entering the "party" area. You will continue down a trap filled path. You will eventually get attacked from behind by the crawling 4 legged monster. After it's dead, you'll notice a door at the end, and a stable area to your left. Be very careful, and destroy all of the rigged explosives inside. The drawer has a coin in it, and check the locker to the right for steroids.

Mr Everywhere 13

Once inside the barn, you will see hay bales. As you move forward, look up and to the left. You'll spot the bobble head sitting on the fence post. You will have to shoot this one.

File 22: Memo on Burnt Corpse

After using a battery and defeating an enemy, you will come to a room with a burnt corpse. Read the message on his chest.

Antique Coin 14

After collecting the file, go to the next room and you'll see a red button for the stairs. To the right is a shelf with a coin.

Mr Everywhere 14

After gaining all your equipment back in the room with the monitor, proceed through the next door but then turn around. Above you is a bobble head. You can hit this one with a knife, even though it is high up.


Mr Everywhere 15

After using the crank and running a decent amount on the pier, look to your right as you run and you'll spot a shack. Inside under the netting, is the collectible.

Achievement Opportunity

You will have to pick between saving two people. Each one has a different ending.


Antique Coin 15

You'll see a flashback while inside of the ship, after going up several stairs and into a room. Go down the hatch into a duct. When there is an option for left or right, go right to a dead end with the coin there.

Antique Coin 16

As you continue, you will fall into murky water (that you walk in). There is a short ladder to get out, but before you leave, turn around and the back wall has white pipes. In front of those pipes, in the water, is a coin.

Achievement Opportunity
That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball
You will get to a hallway during the video after passing an enemy, and another enemy will drop down. There will be explosives behind this enemy. Check the guide for a video and more details. It's a fairly annoying achievement to get!

Achievement Opportunity
Be Kind, Please Rewind

File 23: Orders (File 3 for Mia)

When you are playing the video tape (story based objective), you will be in a cabin. Look by the bed to find the file on the desk.


File 24: Tattered Secret Document (File 5 for Mia)

After the video is played out, continue forward and you'll see an elevator to your left. Don't go to it yet, instead go to the box on the ground to grab the file.

Mr Everywhere 16

There is a bobble head in the closed off stairwell, opposite the captain's cabin. At first you will not be able to get it, unless you want to use one of your remote bombs. You will be wanting to visit this area again after gaining the key to the captain's locker, to obtain the machine gun. So you can just visit this again once you have the knife and machine gun. It's up to you. Just don't forget this one.

File 25: Mechanic's Memo (File 4 for Mia)

After using the lug wrench to open a hatch in the elevator, drop down and to your right you'll see the memo.

Mr Everywhere 17

On floor 2F, there is a ladder (north of Bunk Room on map). Head up this ladder and grab the contents at the end. When you get back to the ladder, before heading down, look straight ahead to see this.

Antique Coin 17

You should have gained a lock pick from the orange box up the ladder, north of the Bunk Room. Head to floor 3F. Once out of the elevator shaft, head left into the room. You'll find a big locked orange box with the coin inside.

File 26: Jim's Note (File 1 for Mia)

On 1F (duck below in the elevator shaft), there will be a bunk room. This is on a bed in the north part of the bunk room.

File 27: Giovanni's Will (File 2 for Mia)

In the unnamed room, south of Bunk Room, there will be a file on a desk.

Antique Coin 18

This is the final coin. You will need corrosive to obtain it. After fighting the bigger monster that pukes at you, you will go down some stairs and there will be a lock box, containing the final coin.


Mr Everywhere 18

You will get to a safe room. It will have all of the bird cages, so spend any last antique coins you have. After leaving, turn around to the shack to see a bobble head resting on the window area.


Mr Everywhere 19

After you push a mine cart to destroy a barrier, you'll head through a tunnel to a staircase. Don't go up it just yet. Instead, go to the back left of the area where a crate is. Look up, and you'll see the bobble head in front of some barrels.

File 28: Email

After you go up the stairs from the above collectible, go into the room to find a laptop. In this same area, make sure to grab the steroids behind the bathtubs.

File 29: Infection Report

After the previous room, you'll see this on the right, on the shelf.

File 30: E-Necrotoxin Document

When you open the briefcase to use the tissue sample, above it is the document.

File 31: R&D Report (1 of 2)

This is behind the above briefcase, on the table.

File 32: R&D (Report (2 of 2)

As you go up the next stairs before the exit, look on the table to your right. This is the final document in the game.


Mr Everywhere 20

The final Mr Everywhere can be found in the last safe room. You will find yourself in the Guest House. It's a stone room and has shelves and a familiar wheelchair. On the back part of the shelves, you will find this last bobble head.



Madhouse Coin 1

In the guest house, find the video up the stairs while inside. Use it on the TV downstairs, and once it starts, back up looking down. Grab the lock pick and use it in the kitchen on the drawer. Stop the tape and go to that spot. The drawer is unlocked and has the coin inside.


Madhouse Coin 2

When you knock over your chair after a delightful dinner, go into the living room. On the entertainment stand, you'll see a vase. Examine it and grab the coin.

Madhouse Coin 3

After defeating Jack in the garage, this coin is up the ladder and to the left.

Madhouse Coin 4

Once through the Ox door, go to the left corner and grab the key out of the desk with the angel statue.

Madhouse Coin 5

This is on the second floor of the main house, in the Recreation Room. It's left of the scorpion door, inside a vase.

Madhouse Coin 6

Also on the second floor, but this is by the broken staircase after the bathroom. There is a painting on the ground, and it is behind it.

Madhouse Coin 7

On the first floor, after gaining the wooden statuette from the bathroom upstairs, solve the shadow puzzle. Squeeze your way through the walls and you'll be in a room with a deer and a Crow Door. To the left you'll see a lone toilet. Inside of that is the coin.

Madhouse Coin 8

When you get to the lower levels (processing area), head to the Incinerator Room. This is the one with the puzzle to open the freezing body doors, that get you the dissection room key. You'll find a coin in the yellow bowl beneath the gurney.

Madhouse Coin 9

Still in the processing area, head to where there is the snake door. This is through the blue tinted door you slide open. You go down the stairs to find this. It's on a cart, on the bottom shelf.

Madhouse Coin 10

The deputy is hanging lifeless in a room. Go around and up the stairs to this room, and opposite his body is a coin in a box.


Madhouse Coin 11

Outside in the yard, this is where the repair kit had been hidden. In front of the porch in the middle is a loose panel to pull open.

Madhouse Coin 12

Once at the Old House, go through the living room to the right and into the dining room ahead. To the right is a door that leads outside, and once you get outside, look left. The coin is below the window.

Madhouse Coin 13

Once at the Gallery area of the Old House (first floor), go to the projected light. The messy desk next to it houses the coin.

Madhouse Coin 14

After completing the shadow puzzle (the spider), you will squeeze through a gap in the wall. As soon as you exit, look to your left. It will be on the edge.

Madhouse Coin 15

Once you have opened the Crow door and finished the phone conversation after finding serum ingredients, go left to the next area where there is a missing lantern (need it to unlock the door). In the corner of the room is a dresser with the coin inside the top drawer.

Madhouse Coin 16

When Marguerite crawls away through the tunnel, follow her. Go up the ladder and you'll see the coin on the metal box attached to the pole.


Madhouse Coin 17

After defeating Marguerite, the front door will unlock (on the first floor). Head there and you'll find the coin on the green desk before you exit.


Madhouse Coin 18

Back in the Main House, you will need the crow key. The door is in the same room as the deer which is in the drawing room. The Supplies area can now be accessed. You'll find the coin inside.

Madhouse Coin 19

After obtaining the snake key, you'll need to find key cards. One of the snake keys unlocks the kid's room. After pressing the red button on the lamp, go up the ladder and look to your right to spot the coin and other items.

This is a good point in the game to make sure you have obtained all previous coins. You should be at 19/33 when entering the test area. You can still progress a decent amount of the test area and have the ability to turn around, but it's a long run.


Madhouse Coin 20

After using the key cards to enter the test area, Head to the TV that you're supposed to watch, and grab the coin behind it.

Madhouse Coin 21

As you make your way through the test area, you'll be in a 2nd room with traps. Open the next door and you'll see a crate in the hallway. To your left, there is a coin in the dark area

Madhouse Coin 22

Shortly after, you'll see a door to your left and a hallway that leads to a dead end. This dead end has the coin.

Caution: Forgetting this coin could be a disaster. Once you progress far enough, you'll be lowering a staircase. Even though you have access to the button still, it doesn't raise the stairs back. This blocks the coin.

When you get to the barn area hallway, you'll see a room before actually entering the barn. It's full of hard to see explosives. After destroying them, grab the coin that's in the drawer. There's steroids here too.

Madhouse Coin 24

After finishing off the 2 fat molded in the test area, go up the elevator. Continue past the body and you'll see this next to the stairs switch.


Madhouse Coin 25

Floor 1

Once at the Wrecked Ship, run through the linear area until you go up steps and the little girl runs off. You should go right, then right through double white doors. The wash/dryer machine on the bottom end will have the coin inside of it.

Madhouse Coin 26

Floor 4

Opposite of the Captain's Cabin, you'll see some lockers. Follow the path to some stairs, which lead to the coin.

Madhouse Coin 27

Floor 2

There is a save room on the West side hallway. In that same hallway, is a small table against the wall that has the coin on top.

Madhouse Coin 28

Floor 2

In the Break Room (connected to Dining Room), you'll find a cart with a vase. Examine the vase to find the coin inside.

Madhouse Coin 29

Floor 3

After using the corrosive on the door in the control room, continue forward following the wrecked ship hallway. In the right corner at the end, you'll find the coin.

Madhouse Coin 30

Floor S2

Once you reach this floor, walk until you see a greenish cabinet. Exit to the hallway, and the coin will be on the floor to your immediate right.

Madhouse Coin 31

Floor S2- Corrosive Required

After the engine room (where the fat molded spawns), you'll come to a hallway with a lock box. Use a corrosive to open it. There is a coin inside.

Madhouse Coin 32

Floor S2 - Back as Ethan

After the scene plays out where you take control as Ethan again, go through the next hallway. In the room with the fence, you'll see a desk with a hard hat and a coin.


Madhouse Coin 33

When you reach the swamp, you'll go under a log then hop over another. Keep to the right and on the land near the water, you'll the last coin. This completes all collectibles in the game, if you've been following the guide!


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