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Far Cry 5 - Where's the Beef?

Tutorial Name: Far Cry 5 - Where's the Beef?  

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Far Cry 5 - Where's the Beef? Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Tenderize a bull with your bare hands. To death (Campaign only) [Bronze]

Go to the field in the video. There are always a few bulls somewhere on that field. You must kill a bull using your bare hands only. Don't use any other weapons to weaken it, just fists.

The easiest option is to consume the homeopathic "The Furious" from the utility wheel. This boosts your melee damage and will kill the bull in one hit. If you don't have it just keep playing and pick up Prairie Fire herbs in the wild to craft it (found in rocky areas and close to cliffs).
Without "The Furious" It takes exactly 110 punches to kill it. Just stand behind the bull so it can't hit you. It will try to turn around, so move in the other direction when it does. You can take 3 hits from the bull. The 4th will kill you.

Be sure to put the difficulty on easy for this. You can do this at any time even at the very start of the game after the prologue.

Note: If you bought the Brass Knuckles at the store they count as a "melee weapon" and you can no longer earn the trophy by punching the bull. However, there is an easy workaround for this - simply kick the bull by aiming at the ground and pressing R3. Consume "The Furious" to kill it with one kick. It will still count for the trophy.


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