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Far Cry 5 - Ghost Kill Trophy / Achievement Guide

Tutorial Name: Far Cry 5 - Ghost Kill Trophy / Achievement Guide  

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Far Cry 5 - Ghost Kill Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Perform a Headshot kill with any bow or rifle on an enemy cultist more than 150m away (Campaign only) [Bronze]

Step 1: Equip the AR-CL with a "Marksman Adv-X Scope". The weapon is frequently dropped by many enemies, once picked up it gets added to the Sniper Rifle section at every store. The scope costs $1600.
Step 2: Go to the Outpost "Sacred Skies Youth Camp" in Faith's Region. Approach from uphill. You can airdrop to the nearest fast travel point "Chan Residence".
Step 3: Press D-Pad Up to use the Binoculars. Press R3 to put a distance marker on an enemy. Ideally the one of the roof.
Step 4: Crouch, zoom in with the Sniper Scope and do a headshot. Make sure the distance marker is more than 150m away (160+ meters to be safe).

The beautiful thing about this camp is if you miss your shot one enemy will get behind the mounted turret. He will be standing perfectly still behind the turret, thus is an easy target. If you fail (i.e. kill too many enemies), air drop to the nearest fast travel point to make the enemies respawn.

If you've already captured this outpost, you can reset it by going to the pause menu and clicking "Outpost Master", but you must have captured all other outposts for it to work. See All Outpost Locations: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Side Note: This trophy can also be earned by shooting Helicopter Pilots / Plane Pilots with a Mounted Turret (MG).


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