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Far Cry 5: How to Get All Fishing Rods & Hard Fishing Spots

Tutorial Name: Far Cry 5: How to Get All Fishing Rods & Hard Fishing Spots  

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Far Cry 5 - Hope County Master Angler Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide - Acquire all 4 Fishing Rods (Campaign only)

There are 4 Fishing Rods in Far Cry 5. You can view all of them (and their requirements) at every shop in the game. The rods are listed under Weapons, Fishing Rods.
Before you begin it is highly recommended that you unlock the perk "Fisher King" for 4 perk points. You're gonna need it for Rod #3 & #4. With this perk you scroll over the Rod in the Utility wheel and press Triangle / Y to change the flies (lure). You must pick the correct flies for each fish (Salmon, Bass, Trout, Sturgeon).

1) Basic Fishing Rod = Bought at any Shop for $300 (also found at every fishing spot for free)

2) Natural Fishing Rod = Bought at any Shop for $800

3) Wonderboy Fishing Rod = Complete Skylar's Questline. She is found at fast travel point "Dylan's Master Bait Shop" in Jacob's Region. You must do her 3 quests: Tools of the Trade, Gone Fishin', The Admiral. See video for her location.

4) Old Betsy Fishing Rod = Beat each region's records at HARD Fishing Spots. Equip the third rod to increase the odds of catching bigger fish. There's a fishing board in every region's headquarters (Fall's End, Hope County Jail, Wolf's Den). On the board it shows the weight of the fish you need to catch. This can only be done at fishing spots that say "HARD" on the map. The weight of the fish you catch is random but I beat most of them on the first try (you need the third fishing rod, with the first two you almost never break the records). The most it took me was 5 tries to catch a big enough fish. Be sure to buy the perk "Fisher King" for this. Then you can press Triangle / Y on the rod in the utility wheel to select the correct flies for the fish. If you already have the third rod this is easy enough.

On the fish record boards you can see blue ribbons on the fish records you have broken. That's the only way to keep track of it. So you actually need to go inside the headquarters of each region, look at the board and check for a blue ribbon on the fish. When you catch a fish it also shows its size. Refer to the list below for the required sizes. It's also worth noting that the 4 fishes on the left side of the board only need to be caught once and will count for all 3 regions. You don't need to catch them 3 times. Only the 2-3 fishes on the right side of the board are required specifically for a region.

You will have to catch every single fish in the game at a hard spot. This also completes half of the trophy "Been There, Done That".


All Areas:
- [3:38] Bull Trout 21 lbs
- [3:50] Golden Trout 4 lbs
- [4:02] Lake Trout 37 lbs
- [4:14] Rainbow Trout 28 lbs

Holland Valley:
- [4:26] Pallid Sturgeon 55 lbs
- [4:39] Paddlefish Sturgeon 112 lbs

Henbane River:
- [4:51] Smallmouth Bass 6 lbs
- [5:04] Largemouth Bass 8 lbs
- [5:18] Rock Bass 3 lbs

Whitetail Mountains:
- [5:30] Chinook Salmon 27 lbs
- [5:43] Kokanee Salmon 6 lbs
- [5:55] Arctic Grayling 3 lbs

1) Press L1/LB, and then R1/RB to open the Utility wheel.
2) Scroll over the Rod in Utility wheel and press Triangle / Y to change flies (must have "Fisher King" perk).
3) To know what type of fish it is, check the name on the map icon. These are the type of fish and corresponding lure: Sturgeon = Hybrid Sturgeon, Salmon = Salmon Egg, Bass = Bass Popper, Trout = Trout Bugger.
4) Hold R2/RT to put the line in the water.
5) Quickly tap L2/LT to make the flies wobble around in the water to attract fish. Don't hold the button, just tap it quickly so it won't reel in the line.
6) When a fish bites press R2 (will be highlighted)
7) Reel in the fish by holding L2 and moving the left stick in the opposite direction as the fish. When your line turns red let go off all buttons for a moment. Do this until you get the fish on land. Done!


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