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Detroit Become Human - Good / Best Ending (Everyone Survives

Tutorial Name: Detroit Become Human - Good / Best Ending (Everyone Survives  

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Detroit Become Human Good / Best Ending (Everyone Survives for SURVIVORS Trophy (Gold: Everyone is alive at the end).

For this none of the character listed below is allowed to die over the course of the game. If you lose someone, quit out to the main menu and replay the chapter from the last checkpoint. Never leave anyone behind, always help your friends even if it puts you at risk, but never sacrifice yourself either.

Deviants and Police forces do NOT impact this. It's okay to kill Deviants yourself, have them commit suicide, or have them massacre humans. It's also okay to kill police (and you will have to in order to save North and infiltrate CyberLife with Deviant Connor). Only the characters below must be alive, nobody else matters for this.


- Connor
--- Don't sacrifice him, don't let him get shot.

- Hank
--- Connor and Hank must remain friends.

- Kara
--- Chapter: Crossroads - When Kara & Alice run from the police, select the option :triangle: PLAY DEAD, DON\'T MOVE. This way they won\'t be brought to the recycling facility. If the police catches them, it becomes impossible to beat the game without sacrificing anyone.

- Alice
--- Chapter: On the Run: Kara and Alice make it across the highway alive.

- Luther
--- Kara meets him in Chapter: Zlotko
--- Chapter: Midnight Train - When the cop shows up, talk to Luther and tell him to go UPSTAIRS (Trophy: \'NOTHING TO SEE HERE\')
--- Chapter: Crossroads (Kara) - When Luther gets shot in the foot during the escape from Jericho, choose :circle: HELP LUTHER, Get him safely to the next room and he\'ll tell you to go and that he will catch up with you later

- Jerry
---Chapter: Battle for Detroit (Kara Leaving Detroit) - At the start of the chapter you must sneak behind some cars. After the first line of cars you can see Jerry and Luther held at gunpoint by the police. Sneak up to the police and knock them out to free Jerry.

- Markus
--- Don\'t lose any battles, don\'t sacrifice yourself at the end of the Freedom March.
--- Always choose the peaceful protest options, don\'t attack/kill any humans or police. The only exception is when you have to save North at the end of the Crossroads chapter. Here Markus and Connor will kill some police to save her. To clarify, killing police does not actually impact the trophy, but if you choose the violent Revolution option some of your friends may very likely get shot. Keep it peaceful.

- Simon (from Jericho)
--- Chapter: The Stratford Tower, at the security checkpoint on the top pick option RUSE, As you walk towards the guards DRAW GUN at them. ORDER them, KNOCK OUT. If you choose the ASSAULT option Simon will get shot will have to stay behind on the rooftop. It\'s important he escapes with you by skyding down the roof.

- North (from Jericho)
--- Chapter: Crossroads - (Optional) if Markus went to place the detonation timer, North will get trapped in a corridor afterwards. You must choose to help her.

- Josh (from Jericho)
--- Chapter: Crossroads - When Markus runs through the Jericho container ship there is a part where a soldier attacks Josh in a corridor. Press :circle: to INTERVENE.

- Chloe (female robot in Kamski\'s villa, the one seen in the main menu)
--- Chapter: Meet Kamski - Connor chose not to shoot her. I don\'t think she really matters for this trophy, just let her live to be safe.


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