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Detroit Become Human - All Connor Endings

Tutorial Name: Detroit Become Human - All Connor Endings  

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Detroit Become Human - I'LL BE BACK Trophy Guide - Connor died and returned at every opportunity before reaching the end (All Connor Endings)

For this Connor must die 10 times in one playthrough. You have to start a New Story for this! You can\'t just jump in one chapter to let him die and move on to the next - this would not update your progress between chapters and doesn\'t earn the trophy. All chapters must be replayed one after the other. Some chapters have more than one way for Connor to die. In those you need just one death, I always picked the first possibility to die in each chapter. You must also be hostile with Hank so that he shoots Connor in the "Bridge" Chapter. Always be disobedient to him, talk bad about androids, be cold, spill his drink, kill the two Tracis in Eden Club to really get him mad. When you visit Amanda you can check the graveyard in the back of her garden to view your deaths.

You can cut this playthrough short by letting Kara die in "Chapter: On the Run", when she crosses the highway with Alice. Just don\'t press any buttons and a car will kill Kara and Alice, thus removing all their future chapters.

You can also let Markus die during "Chapter: Freedom March". When the police stops the March, pick option STAND GROUND, STAND GROUND, SACRIFICE. Then the police shoot Markus. This removes all of his upcoming chapters and you can save a lot of time.

IMPORTANT: The death in the optional chapter "Interrogation" is also mandatory for this. Do not miss any of these or you'll miss the trophy! Each of these deaths is mandatory.

[0:05] #1 - Chapter: The Hostage
[1:33] #2 - Chapter: The Interrogation
[3:58] #3 - Chapter: On the Run
- (*Chapter: On the Run: Let Kara & Alice die when they cross the highway to cut the playthrough short)
[6:19] #4 - Chapter: The Nest
- (*Chapter: Spare Parts: Refuse the CyberLife guard to come with you, leave him behind)
[7:02] #5 - Chapter: The Bridge
- (*Chapter: The Stratford Tower: Let Simon die so he won't save Markus in Freedom March)
- (*Chapter: The Eden Club: Shoot the two Tracis so they are available in evidence locker later)
[9:29] #6 - Chapter - Public Enemy
[11:09] (MARKUS DEATH) - Chapter: Freedom March (*let Markus sacrifice himself to shorten the playthrough)
- (*Chapter: Meet Kamski: Spare the Chloe)
[12:13] #7 - Last Chance, Connor
[13:23] #8 - Crossroads
*Trophy unlocked for me here after Hank shot himself.
[15:01] #9 - Battle for Detroit
[17:27] #10 - Battle for Detroit


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