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Detroit Become Human - MY TURN TO DECIDE

Tutorial Name: Detroit Become Human - MY TURN TO DECIDE  

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Detroit Become Human - MY TURN TO DECIDE Trophy Guide - Connor resisted hacking attempt from CyberLife [Bronze]

Chapter: Battle for Detroit (Game Ending)

This can be done during the game ending. For this to work Connor must have become a deviant (see Trophy \'ONE OF US\') and be working together with Markus. Both Markus and Connor must survive until the end of the story.

- Chapter: Crossroads - When Connor confronts Markus in the Captain\'s Cabin, have Connor choose BECOME A DEVIANT

- Chapter: Battle for Detroit - Markus must reach the end of his Revolution (Trophy: \'LIBERATION\')

- Chapter: Battle for Detroit - Connor converted the androids in CyberLife storage (Trophy: \'AN ARMY OF ME\')

- At the end when Markus and Connor stand together during the game ending, Cyberlife (Amanda) will try to hack Connor to make him pull out his pistol and slaughter Markus. Connor will briefly close his eyes and see Amanda, she tries to take control of him. You must go to the right where the camera is centered at, between the two lamps to the right side of a tree. Then there\'s a blue touchpad that looks like a hand. You can also highlight it by pressing R2 when you\'re close to it. Interact with the blue hand-touchpad to end the hacking attempt.


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