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Detroit Become Human - MORAL VICTORY

Tutorial Name: Detroit Become Human - MORAL VICTORY  

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Detroit Become Human - MORAL VICTORY Trophy Guide - Markus succeeded in making the soldiers stand back [Bronze]

Chapter: Battle for Detroit - Markus Demonstration

For this you need to max out the positive public opinion on androids. Markus must never kill any humans, always choose the peaceful protest options. Markus and North must also become lovers, you must have high reputation with her, always kiss, ask her about her past, show interest in her. Both Markus & North must survive until the end.

- Chapter: The Stratford Tower - on the top floor, choose :circle: RUSE at the security checkpoint (do not assault them). Inside the broadcasting room, do not shoot the guy that runs away.

- Chapter: Capitol Park - Rescue the other androids from the store and have a peaceful protest, do not destroy property. At the end of the level, do not shoot the police men, let them live.

- Chapter: Freedom March - Markus & North become companions/lovers (ask :circle: NORTH\'S PAST, : UNDERSTANDING, :triangle: TRUST. If you don\'t have lover status yet, just remember to always kiss her later on. If reputation with her decreases (and it will when you choose the peaceful paths) it doesn\'t matter.

- Chapter: Freedom March - At the end of the March when confronted by the police, choose : DISPERSE and again : DISPERSE when they start shooting at your friends.

- Chapter: Crossroads - Markus survives and saves North on the way out of the Jericho.

- Chapter: Night of the Soul - Markus chooses : DEMONSTRATION to do a peaceful march.

- Chapter: Battle for Detroit (Markus Demonstration) - When the police negotiator comes, Markus chooses : REFUSE and does not negotiate at all.

- Chapter: Battle for Detroit (Markus Demonstration) - When the police attack your encampment, successfully press all the buttons until they group you up. Then make your final decision :square: KISS NORTH. Markus and North must be lovers (and alive) for this option to show. When they kiss the soldiers realize they aren\'t just emotionless machines anymore, they have protested peacefully and have feelings. So they lower their weapons and Madam President tells them to stand down.


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