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Detroit Become Human - ESCAPE DEATH

Tutorial Name: Detroit Become Human - ESCAPE DEATH  

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Detroit Become Human - ESCAPE DEATH Trophy Guide - Kara and Alice escaped the recycling center [Bronze]

Chapters: Crossroads & Battle for Detroit

- Crossroads: When Kara & Alice run away from the soldiers (after escaping through the tunnels in Jericho), you must choose: : SURRENDER, : OBEY - This will result in your capture

- Battle for Detroit: While waiting in the final line before destruction, talk to Jerry and ask him to create a diversion so you can switch lines to Alice.

- Battle for Detroit: While approaching the end of the line, check the fence on the right side with :L1: , this will act as your escape path. Now you must create a diversion. Depending on who you saved previously:

- Sacrifice Ralph - only if you squatted at his abandoned house in Chapter: Fugitives.

- Sacrifice Scarred Android - only if you let the androids free in the basement of Zlatko\'s villa in Chapter: Zlatko

- Sacrifice Luther - only if he survived up until this point (beware, voids trophy \'Happy Family\')

- Personally, I chose Ralph. Now sprint over to the barbed wire. Alice (and Luther if he\'s with you) will climb through.

- When a soldier comes, choose : PROTECT ALICE - win the resulting fight against the soldier.

- This results in your escape. Finish the whole chapter to unlock the trophy.

You can also get this trophy by picking the violent Revolution option with Markus in 'Night of the Soul'. When he reaches the recycling center Kara & Alice will be freed.


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