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Detroit Become Human - ESCAPE THE MANOR

Tutorial Name: Detroit Become Human - ESCAPE THE MANOR  

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Detroit Become Human - ESCAPE THE MANOR Trophy Guide - Kara and Alice escaped Zlatko\'s house [Bronze]

Chapter: Zlatko

For this it doesn\'t matter if Zlatko resets Kara in the basement or not. You can still escape after he resets her.

- After Zlatko resets Kara, open the door in the basement where the androids are locked in, this will allow them to escape later and help you.

- Bring the meal from the living room to Zlatko\'s workshop upstairs.

- Open the cage of the android bear in the room next to Zlatko\'s workshop (upstairs).

- Then go find Alice in the very last room upstairs at the end of the hallway.

- They will realize Alice is gone. You must circle around the upper floor by going through all the rooms, don\'t use the hallway. There will be timers in each room indicating when someone will enter to look for you. Always hide in the room to avoid being seen (under table / in closet). Then move to the next room.

- In the room with the bear if Zlatko sees you, the android bear will attack him (assuming you opened the cage of the bear before) - this automatically triggers you to run downstairs.

- Escape through the backdoor (front door is locked and will just slow you down)

- Now if Zlatko catches up to you, his android will stop him and the other androids you freed will take care of him.


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