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Detroit Become Human - All Jericho Graffiti Locations

Tutorial Name: Detroit Become Human - All Jericho Graffiti Locations  

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There are 7 Graffiti Locations in the Jericho Chapter of Detroit Become Human. This video shows all Graffitis and walks you through the full Jericho chapter.

Graffiti Locations:

1) After you get out of the train on the wall to the left
2) Go down the escalator and it will be in front of you.
3) Go across the street. There on a colorful building.
4) Go down the road, look through a fence on the left. You can scan 2 icons when standing at the fence and for the third you must crawl under the fence and remove the wooden planks leaning against the wall, blocking the view to the icon.
5) Stay behind the fence and go to the junkyard. You can scan one icon from the ground. For the next two you must pull the container to the wall to climb up.
6) Wall-jump to the other side and drop down. Then you can scan a big graffiti on the tall building.
7) Inside the tall building, after simulating the best path to climb up. You must line up a part of the wall and part of a pillar to get the "X" icon.


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