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Detroit Become Human - SHELTER

Tutorial Name: Detroit Become Human - SHELTER  

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Detroit Become Human - SHELTER Trophy Guide - Kara and Alice slept in the motel or the squat [Bronze]

Chapter: Fugitives

You have two options here; either steal $40 from the grocery store and clothes from the laundromat -- or cut open the fence to the abandoned house and sleep there. The abandoned house (squat) is the easier option and what I chose.

- After leaving the bus, walk to the next bus stop where the green garbage truck is parked across the street. Press : to talk to Alice at this bus stop.

- The garbage android will show up and talk to Kara. After this the garbage truck drives away.

- Interact with the fence where the garbage truck was parked just moments ago. You can push open the fence to get to an area with an abandoned car.

- Interact with the fence by the broken abandoned car. Now grab the wire cutter from the yellow power generator in front of the car.

- Use wire cutter to cut through the fence and go to the abandoned house. Try to open the door. As you do this Alice will disappear. Backtrack around the corner of the house.

- An android with a knife threatens Alice. Pick dialogues :triangle: ANDROID, :circle: HOSPITALITY, :circle: STAY.

- Follow the Android into his house, make a bed and fire for Alice and go to sleep.


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