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The Crew - Los Angeles City Awards (Achievements)

Tutorial Name: The Crew - Los Angeles City Awards (Achievements)  

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In this video I am showing you how to get all the notable awards from the Los Angeles category.

0:12 Keen Cosplayer (Visit the Los Angeles Game Center between 2am and 5am game time)
1:24 Glass of DJ (Drive 8.05 km around Los Angeles in an Orange car)
2:27 Harbormaster (Drive a lap around Los Angeles Harbor in less than 1m 10s)
3:57 Neighborhood Watch (Drive a lap around Palos Verdes residential area in less than 60s)
5:10 Oil Slick (Drive a lap around the oil field in Inglewood in less than 60s)

I already had the Orange car award before I made the video but I am pretty sure that I used the Aventador shown in the video to get it, so try that one if the game doesn't recognize your other orange cars for the award. The color that I am using is one of the official ones for that car.

And I have no idea why the textures in one part of Inglewood didn't load while I was doing the award there. This was the first time ever that I had this bug in The Crew and the textures did load a bit later on, so it was just very bad timing there. This is not usually a problem in the game.

All the Los Angeles awards that are not shown in the video should be easy to understand but please don't hesitate to ask in the comments if you need help with some of those as well. I can explain how to get all of them.


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