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The Crew - Miami City Awards (Achievements)

Tutorial Name: The Crew - Miami City Awards (Achievements)  

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In this video I am showing you how to get all the notable awards from the Miami category.

0:12 Plain Sailing (Find both cruise ships in Miami)
1:02 Forgot Your Keys (Drive along the highway between Miami and the Keys within 2m)
3:44 Island Loops (Drive a single lap around each of the 3 central islands in Miami)
6:27 Port Rush (Drive a lap around the island in Miami Harbor in less than 1m 15s)

Unfortunately I already had the Keys award completed before I made this video, so I can't say for sure where exactly it triggers but I think with a time limit of 2 minutes it would make sense for the finish to be at 3:32. Maybe someone who doesn't have the award yet can try it and confirm it in the comments for me. That would be nice.

For Island Loops you should do one and a half laps on each island like I am showing in the video and then it should work for sure. I had previously done an attempt with only one lap and it looks like the last island was already recognized during that one but at least the second island was not.

All the Miami awards that are not shown in the video should be easy to understand but please don't hesitate to ask in the comments if you need help with some of those as well. I can explain how to get all of them.


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