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Fallout 4 - Reunions

Tutorial Name: Fallout 4 - Reunions  

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Description: Complete "Reunions"

How to Earn: You start towards this quest after finishing "Unlikely Valentine" by sitting down and telling Nick Valentine the details of how your son was kidnapped.

I would recommend preparing for this one, i ran into a deathclaw early in the quest and you will have to fight a lot of synths as well as Kellogg using a stealth boy (invisibility) when you reach your destination.

First you need to search Kelloggs apartment for clues, follow Nick there. The door has a master lock so if you cant pick that you will need to go talk to the mayor to get the key.

The mayor is not just going to give you the key, you will need to pass a speach persuasion, i would recommend saving here and reloading if you fail it.
Should you fail you can reload your save, or go talk to his secretary Geneva and try to pursuade her to give you the key.
You can also get Kelloggs key from the Mayors safe in his office, either picklocking (advanced) or hacking his computer (novice) and unlocking it.
When you have it, return to Kelloggs apartment.

Once inside the apartment, go behind the desk and press the button under it, it will open up a hidden room. Pick up the cigars and talk to Nick, tell him to use Dogmeat. After deciding who will come with you (or not) exit the apartment and show the cigar to Dogmeat by talking to him.

You will need to follow Dogmeat as he tracks Kellogg. He will stop a few times and require you to give him a new scent to follow, which will be either a cigar (San Francisco Sunlights) or bloodied bandages. Just interact with them and follow Dogmeat until you reach Fort Hagen. Look out for the turrets here.

The main entrance is blocked, instead follow the building to the left and then enter the first door to the right and go down some stairs. Down here you will find a door leading into Fort Hagen.

Just make your way through the building, fighting synths and the forts security, until you can confront Kellogg. There will be a conversation that ends with him and two synths attacking you. This fight can be challenging so saving is a good idea.

When Kellogg is dead you will need to grab his password as well as the cybernetic brain augmenter from his body (this is needed for another quest), then use his terminal in the same room and read his logs.

Now just talk to Nick and Piper (at least one of them should be in Nicks office in diamond city, depending on who you had as your follower), it will then complete "Reunions" and start the next quest "Dangerous Minds" as well as pop the achievement.

Worth: 20G


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I remember getting this is my very first play-through, my have to get them again on my newest play-through, thanks for this