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Knight Squad - Playing with Fire

Tutorial Name: Knight Squad - Playing with Fire  

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Description: Complete the Dragon Alert challenge.

How to Earn: This achievement is gained by completing the 5th single player Challenge level, Dragon Dogma.

1. At the very start, grab the laser gun, then hang out on the right side of and next to the unbreakable barrier.(reverse all directions if you prefer left side)

2. When the Dragons come on the screen, immediately run between the two dragon heads close to the wall--you cannot be hit here in the first stage.

3. using the D-pad, press either up or down and start lasering the Dragons! If the Dragon shoots a ball of fire, it will disappear quickly. If it breathes flame, you can get 6+ hits if you do it perfect.

4. Watch out for Fireballs coming from Dragons across the screen, and dodge down or up slightly as necessary.

5. As soon as the Dragons leave the screen, hurry back to Step 1's location... and repeat the above steps!

6. Focus on only one Dragon this way and kill it, then start counting how many hits you've done on the others(for example, Green-1, Purple-3, Blue-0...Green2,3,4, Purple4, Blue0... Green5,6,7,8, Purple... etc)

7. I've found that it seems to vary how many hits you make--I think it might not count hits you make as the Dragons are leaving the screen, and overall, it takes 8 good hits I think to kill a Dragon.

8. With 3 Dragons left, try to get each Dragon hit at least 7 times. The reason is when there are only 2 Dragons left, they start doing different more dangerous and unpredictable attacks.

9. When you're ready, start shooting the Dragons, and when there are two left, watch out. They start doing very dangerous flame attacks while moving--the safest place I found from the flame attacks is on the inside of the side barriers, and you have to switch halfway through to the side the Dragon isn't on. If they Dragons are doing the side moving Rapid-Fire Ball attack, it's very easy to avoid, just stay in the very middle between the side blockades. If the Dragon does the Rapid-fire Ball attack in one place, try to get behind anything you can. You are usually safe hiding in the corners of the blockades.

Worth: 100G


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