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FM18 Tactics guide

Tutorial Name: FM18 Tactics guide  

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Tactics is a huge and very important part of Football Manager 2018, finding a good formation, making it even better by setting it up with the correct team instructions and individual instructions combined with how you analyze your opponent ant making the right changes based on their strengths and weaknesses could be the difference between winning that fancy title or getting sacked in the morning.

This is a three part guide where each part will focus on a specific thing, part 1 will take a close look on what to do when you start a new save with a new team, how to analyze your own team and finding the right formation for the team. Part 2 will focus on the days before match day, how to analyze your opponent, getting tactical advices from your assistant manager and the new tactical briefing function in FM18. Part 3 will focus on match day, how you do your team talks, how to respond to different things that may happen during the game, how to use different tools in the game to analyze what is going on and identify problems.

I understand that this guide is massive and that it will be to long for some people. I\'m okay with that, this guide is not for everybody, but I rather have the guide to be a bit too long than skipping out on important aspects of the FM18 tactics, I already feel like I have skipped to much even with its current length.

If you are a very experienced FM player who is face rolling your way through FM18 you will probably not learn much new from the guide, but you know what, the FM community is a great one so spread your knowledge in the comment section below this guide, tell people about your best tips and tricks and let us know about the things in this guide that you don\'t agree with and why, together we can all help each other to become better football managers.

Part one
What to do as a new manager, how do you use squad depth to learn about your teams strengths and weaknesses? How do you find a formation suitable for your team? How do you get the right instructions for that formation? What about mentality and team shape? And how do you get individual players to work even better by creating individual instructions for them?

Part two
How you prepare for match day, getting scouting reports about your next opponent and getting tactical advices from your and assistant manager. How do you change your tactic and formation based on that information to counter your opponents strengths and try to exploit their weaknesses? And of course are we going to take a look at the tactical briefing which is a new function in FM18.

Part three
This part will focus on match day, the team talk before the game starts, how to react to what is going in the game and make changes to your formation and tactics to respond to what's happening. How to use different tools in the game to analyze whats going on in the game and identify problems. How to talk to the team during half time and how to make does important game changing subs.


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