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Sonic & Knuckles - The Doomsday

Tutorial Name: Sonic & Knuckles - The Doomsday  

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[3.8] The Doomsday

As the name suggests, Sonic will be doomed if you are not careful. Sonic will
transform into Super Sonic in this area automatically with 50 rings.

Also, The Doomsday can ONLY be accessed with Super Sonic.

Avoid those rocks while collecting rings as the rocks will only slow you down
while your rings are running out. Some missiles may be shot out by Robotnik so
you must avoid that as well.

After collecting rings and avoiding things, you'll be given a chance to attack
him. Make sure you have at least 80 rings to make the fight easier.

Boss - Dr Robotnik's Flying Machine - 16 Hits
Robotnik will shoot his guided missiles and you must guide those missiles to
attack the robot's head on the top-right (the head of Dr. Robotnik's Master
Emerald Powered Robot).

Continue 8 times and that flying machine will be destroyed, except his robot.
And make sure you have enough rings as Robotnik will waste his time destroyed.

After that, fly towards the right and collect enough rings. When you feel you
have enough, press most right and you'll see Dr. Robotnik. Hit him with your
own body and Sonic will be pushed to the back.

Collect few more rings, press most-right and attack him. Repeat 8 times by
using this technique and you'll see the last of him in Sonic's Adventure.

Then, Super Sonic will carry the Master Emerald with his head and he will
transform into his original form on top of the Tornado. The Master Emerald
will be supported at the back of the plane.

Then, it will fly towards the Angel Island and make it float again. Depending
if you get Super Sonic, you'll get a slightly changed ending. Wait the credits
roll down and then, The End of Sonic's Adventure.


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