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Sonic & Knuckles - Death Egg Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic & Knuckles - Death Egg Zone  

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[3.7] Death Egg Zone

Act 1 -
Yes, Death Egg Zone has revived itself into a more technology place which
means more trouble for Sonic.

The blue, dot thing when appear, Sonic can run over it to cross the road.
There is also certain parts when the whole area will reverse the gravity.

There will be a row of grey things that when you step on it, it will tilt
sideways slowly so prepare a plan to use it carefully.

Also, another part requires you to hit a bouncing yellow machine 6 times
correctly. You must hit it to turn it red where you can continue your journey
on the right side.

Continue your way and you'll reach one of the hardest mini-boss ever!

Mini-Boss - Eye Bubble Machine - 8 Hits
Yet another same machine but the way to defeat it will be a little different.
When the balls come down and turn around, try and gain enough height to attach
the eye machine in the middle.

When you hit it, a ball will explode and spikes will come out so be sure to
duck or jump over to avoid them.

Continue this 8 times and the machine will be spoiled. But, not for long when
it is ready to attack you.

Mini-Boss - Eye Laser Machine - 8 Hits
Okay, before you hit the machine, avoid the two spinning spike platforms first
and then only you attack it.

After you hit it, it will shoot lasers and the platforms will turn faster. At
that time, head to the most left or right and then press down to duck.

Continue hitting it until it explodes where you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Act 2 -
The stage is almost the same as above with additional feature where a special
thing can spin Sonic in a yellow, spiral way.

Boss - Ball Defense Machine - 8 Hits

As you may know, this machine cannot be hit by Sonic since it has a defense
shield that defend itself. It can only be hit by its spikes-ball that it
throws at Sonic on the ground.

Make full use of the anti-gravity thing and time carefully when you must enter
it. Also, the spike-ball can only hurt the machine by its SPIKES instead of
its wheels.

When the spikes-ball hit the machine, whether the spikes or the wheels hit it,
it will explode and spread out spikes.

Continue 8 times and see the ever-annoying Robotnik burned. Then, he will run
away where Sonic will chase him - to give him a hard time! Also, run to the
right as the road will go down.

Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Fingers of the Robot - 18 Hits
Why is it 18 hits? Why? Well, every finger must be hit 3 times to destroy a
finger completely and since there are 6 fingers, you must hit 18 times to
defeat him. Not satisfied with my explanation? Then, count yourself.

Dr. Robotnik will guide his fingers to crush you and you won't have a ring
here so you must be careful. When he close his fingers, quickly jump on them.

For a quicker kill, as soon as the fingers was about to close, quickly spin
dash between them but there is a risk where Sonic may get crushed. To avoid
that, after spinning at the fingers and hit them a few hits, jump quickly at
an empty space to straighten itself.

After defeating him, the robot will go down and you must quickly run towards
the right to avoid falling down below.

Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Master Emerald Powered Robot - 8 Hits
Sounds childish but I have no idea what to name it. Get ready to concentrate
on this boss only because one wrong move and Sonic will die.

When he shoots the fire, jump to avoid it and head to the left and hit the
thing that shoots the fire (and make sure you won't fall). Then, it will
reveal the Master Emerald where you must quickly hit it and jump when it
shoots the laser.

Continue by using this technique repeatedly. Actually, it could be easy but as
I say, you need concentration here.

After that, don't heave sigh of relief just yet as more will be coming.
Continue pressing right as the floor will continue to collapse. You'll see Dr.
Robotnik carrying the Master Emerald and you must hit him while pressing right
at the same time.

Hit him 8 times (as he is not really a boss, I won't write him as a boss) and
he will be destroyed but not completely if you collect the seven Chaos
Emeralds OR all the Emeralds.


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Thanks for this, i now know de wei