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Sonic & Knuckles - Sky Sanctuary Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic & Knuckles - Sky Sanctuary Zone  

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[3.6] Sky Sanctuary Zone

No acts here either. Listen to the heavenly music and you know why it's called
Sky Sanctuary Zone.

Knuckles will come out and look tired. Just wait there while seeing the Death
Egg appears. Then, Knuckles will jump on the grey button to open the bridge to
let Sonic continue.

Then, continue your way while avoiding the false Robotnik's lasers. There will
be lots of spikes here too and 'breakable' roads.

There are dark, white clouds that can be jumped to bounce you. Continue until
you jump on the teleporter and prepare for an easy Mecha Sonic battle.

Boss - Mecha Sonic's Heavy Ball Machine - 8 Hits
Totally simple as this idea was taken out from Sonic the Hedgehog game itself
in Green Hill Zone Act 1.

There will be two platforms for you to stand; choose the right one. Then, as
he comes down, attack him repeatedly while avoiding the big, brown ball that
can knock Sonic flat.

Continue 8 times and that 'too-easy-to-defeat' machine will explodes. Then,
continue your way and you'll find yet another boss which is the same as Sonic
the Hedgehog 2's Metropolis Zone Act 3 machine.

Boss - Mini-Mecha Sonic Bubble Machine - 8 Hits
Really, this is easy too. Just attack him and make his lose his 'bubble' that
will transforms into a mini-version on himself.

Easier, just hit him repeatedly so that all of his bubbles will come out and
then, give him the last hit where he will be hurt completely.

Continue once more and after a little while, you'll reach yet another boss.

Boss - Mecha Sonic - 8 Hits
A solo battle at last, without using machines this time. Same rule as
Knuckles, don't hit his spikes or when he is spinning. Hit his head all the

Hit him 8 times and you'll see him sitting down. Then, Sonic will run towards
the nearest road when the land he stands fall down below. As he runs, the road
breaks and Sonic quickly runs and jumps towards Death Egg.


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