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Sonic & Knuckles - Flying Battery Zone

Tutorial Name: Sonic & Knuckles - Flying Battery Zone  

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[3.2] Flying Battery Zone

Act 1 -
At the beginning, go straight up and you'll dash forward by a small, machine-
like thing. There will be traps here of course, espeacially fire-spitters. Be
sure not to get hit by it.

You can jump onto hangers with rings and some will bring you down. Mouse and
cockroach enemies can be annoying too.

Be sure to look carefully before you jump or you'll end up falling to endless
pits or right on top of spikes!

Spin Dash will help a lot here and at certain place, you must jump on to
moving platforms to help you continue the level.

Continue the level and you'll fight a mini-boss.

Mini-Boss - Capsule Trap - 6 Hits
Hit the capsule and what did you see, eyes and hands appear! It's a trap and
you must fight it to defeat it.

Now, stand on top of the yellow thing and wait until its eyes flashed. When it
do that, quickly run towards a direction and one of its hands will hit the
yellow thing.

Continue 6 times and it will hit itself to pieces, allowing it to release

Act 2 -
Harder as you may expect it to be. It's almost the same as above except with
more enemies, traps and things.

Continue yourself, after the hanger of rings, you'll reach your boss.

Boss - Laser Machine - 8 Hits
No, you don't really hit this machine. You'll be trapped by two row of light
where Robotnik is controlling a laser machine. Don't hit it as it's no use.

Just avoid it when the laser shoots out its power. Continue this 8 times and
the place to go will be smaller and smaller. At the last shot, Robotnik will
be burned and he runs out for his second plan.

Quickly go through the lamppost and continue quickly as the movin floor will
crush you. Spin Dash at certain areas and jump from platform to platform.

Then, wait patiently for it to bring you up to Dr. Robotnik's battlefield.

Boss - Dr. Robotnik's Hanging Spike Machine - 8 Hits
You hear it right, another boss! Stand in the middle and hit him as soon as
you saw he is coming down. Then, jump off to other place and continue doing
this as he will move his spikes nearer to you.

After 4 moves, he will jump out and take that opportunity to jump at him. Do
this 8 times and he will be burned (not completely).

Then, jump on the capsule and proceed to Sandopolis.


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