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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - E.G.G Station Part 2

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - E.G.G Station Part 2  

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~~E.G.G. Station: Final Showdown in Space - Final Boss~~

Final Boss: Mecha-Robotnik

After getting the last 3 rings of the stage, you face off against the Mecha-
Robotnik which is similar to its Sonic 2 counterpart. When the fight starts,
get in two quick hits and back off a little bit because Mecha-Robotnik will
extend its arm upwards and hit you if you get too cocky. It will do this each
time you hit it 2 times during its walking pattern. It will eventually, rocket
out of sight above the screen. A crosshair will appear. Keep moving because it
will lock on and land where you were last standing when it did so. From here,
it will do one of these three actions: Blast off again to try to stomp you, Do
its walking pattern, or fire its arms at your current position. You need just
15 hits to complete phase 1.

Phase 2 sends Mecha-Robotnik into Overdrive mode where it goes berserk. Do not
even try to attack it in this mode. The electricity surrounding it will hurt
you. It starts off by playing hop-and-skip. Get in the far left corner and rev
up your Spin Dash so you can let loose when the boss is about to step on you.
Do the same for the other side but don't be so hasty to let er' rip since the
boss will sometimes pause and go straight to rocketing thus you may Spin Dash
into it by accident. When it finishes it stomp it may do 1 of these 3 actions:
blast off again, fire an arm at you that curves upward n' floats down, ir do
the hop-and-skip (last one sometimes twice in succession). If he does option 2,
get to the side of it and attack the arm before it hits the ground. It will hit
the boss and stun it momentarily thus you can get some hits in until the boss
gets its limb back. As the fight progresses, the boss with fire some shots at
you during its actions to make things tougher on you and will occasionally fire
a ground laser which you must jump to avoid. After enough hits, it will attempt
one last rocket dive and fall flat on its face. You better hit it before the
floor collapses or you are dead. When it does fall on its face, jump in the air
before it lands so you won't be stunned by the impact. Congratulations! You
have just beaten Sonic 4 Episode 1.


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