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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Mad Gear Act 3

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Mad Gear Act 3  

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~~Mad Gear Act 3: Impending Doom~~

The kitchen sink has been thrown at you. This part of the game plays similar to
Hydrocity Act 2 on Sonic 3. Not only does the wall chase you but it has drills
that will damage you if you get too close or worse crush you to death against a
wall. My only advice is to run for your life. There are times when you can rest
a little bit when maneuvering parts of the level. I will go into some detail
since I don't want to leave ya'll hanging here.

Ride the steam upward and get an invincibility box and bounce back and forth
upwards. Careful not to get crushed and enter the teleporter. Now you got a
little grace period where you can jump up the cogs and roll down some tilting
platforms and hit the spring for a boost to the right. Get moving quick so you
can get two 1-ups. There is a switch you must hit past the second one to avoid
being trapped. Avoid being crushed in these parts and enter the teleporter. You
come across another grace period. Jump through the loose floor and land on the
moveable cog. Ride it to the right to and get past the pistons quickly, and
work your way down the tiltable platforms without hitting the spikes. After the
second set, the wall comes chasing you again. Use the Bubbles for leverage and
use the speed booster to avoiding being crushed as you run and jump past the
crushers. Step on the switch to remove the wall and you must use the speed
booster here or the wall will catch up to you and kill you. Roll down the
tiltable platforms while avoiding the spikes quickly then bounce off of the
springs to get a running boost because the wall will catch up if you don't. You
will reach the end of the level if successful.

~~Mad Gear Boss: Defeat the Real Dr. Eggman~~

Another 2-part boss. The first phase is just like the Metropolis Boss fight in
Sonic 2 where Eggman surrounds himself with eggs. However, the eggs hatch into
bombs that bounce towards you slow (black ones) or fast (blue ones) and these
cannot be attacked like before. The second phase is like the chase scene from
Sonic and Knuckles Mushroom Hill Zone and Death Egg Zone where you chase him
and try to hit him while he throws bombs back at you. Get close enough and use
a Homing Attack.


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