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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Lost Labyrinth Act 3

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Lost Labyrinth Act 3  

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~~Lost Labyrinth Act 3: Underwater Maze Escape~~

Now this feels more like the Labyrith Zone from Sonic 1. The level is filled
with water as well as Burrobots and Jaws with lots ofspikes. Do not stay under-
water too long without air or you will drown. Jump into air bubbles that form
on the ground to avoid drowning. When you come a part where you shift the back-
ground a little. Try to get into the gap so you get spit out onto the endless
water slide. Jump off to the right as soon as possible and hit the lamp post.
You come across a part similar to Hydrocity Act 2 from Sonic 3 where the wall
tries to crush you. Stay ahead of it at all times as the water levels rises
rapidly. When you make it out of the water, hit the lamp post. Get the shield
and invincibility and hit the switch. Time to go wild down there while you are
invincible. There is a shortcut past the Jaws where you can go through the wall
and stay near shallow land. As you proceed, the water level rises rapidly again
so make it to the top and gather some air as much as possible. There is a 10-
ring box with a switch underneath. Hit that to proceed and carefully rotate the
screen to loosen the block without touching the spikes. On the endless water
slide, you must jump off to hit two switches which are loacted on one side each
then jump off to the right to exit the level.

~~Lost Labyrinth Boss: Trap-filled Ruins~~

A two part fight. The first part is just like the Labyrinth Zone boss fight in
Sonic 1 where you have to chase Eggman through an obstacle course filled with
Orbitrons and spears as the waters continually rise. When you catch up to him,
he will not flee to end the fight. He will make some pillars rise on the sides
first then he will get into position somewhere at the top of the screen and try
to crush Sonic to death. There are many patters.

Pattern 1: If Eggman is in the middle and pillars come in from the sides, get
ready to jump because anything above the third pillar is safe and you can get
some hits in.

Pattern 2: If Eggman is in the middle, pillars come only from the top and the
bottom, get underneath him but get at least one hit in first.

Pattern 3: Eggman goes off to the side and only 1 pillar will come from each
surface to form a cross.

Pattern 4: Eggman goes off to the side and pillars come out from everywhere but
there is only 1 safe spot on the opposite side above the second sideway pillar.
That pillar in the third column will stop short.

Pattern 5: Same as Pattern 4 except the safe spot is around Eggman's spot.


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