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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Casino Street Act 3

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Casino Street Act 3  

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~~Casino Street Act 3: Casino Climax~~

The technology used in this level is a throwback to Carnival Night from Sonic 3
with the cannons being used to boost you to your destination. You will also see
the moving columns sequence from the Spring Yard Zone from Sonic 1. I will use
bullet points here since you can play this level as you normally would and I'll
just give you some small tips on what to look for (I'm deviating from the path
that's drawn out).

-You can collect some rings by shooting straight up on the first cannon instead
of going the suggested direction first.

-When you see the Bubbles for the first time, don't use them for leverage. Fall
down instead and use the startup spring. You will go right at the end and you
will shoot up through some blocks.

-From here, you can bounce off of the Crawl's shield and bounce of the spring

-With this path you are taking, you will eventually reach a Speed Booster that
leads to a cannon. Use it to go in the suggested direction then the next cannon
you can shoot straight up to get the items first then go in the suggested path.

-You will see an endless loop of curves. Jump down from the top curve path and
get the 1-up and jump to the next area.

-At the next cannon, shoot left and use the homing attack to hit the shield and
do it again to hit the spring above to the left and get the items there. Don't
go back down. There is a hidden path behind the left wall here. Use that as a
big shortcut through the level. After this path, you are almost all set.

-When you reach the cannon with two bumpers with a gap in between them, press
right once, and shoot out and hold right. You should be able to hit all three
Bubbles in succession and spring to the top.

-The final obstacle is two falling platforms. On the second one, carefully jump
through the bumpers and you are home free.

~~Casino Street Boss: Dr. Eggman's Party~~

Another throwback boss. This time he fights just like his Casino Night self in
Sonic 2. Only difference here is that he will start off trying to grab you with
his pincers and drop you into some spikes at the beginning but after a few hits
he will add electricty to his repretoire just like in Sonic 2. If you let him
stay on the screen too long he will use a buzzsaw spin.


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