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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Casino Street Act 2

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Casino Street Act 2  

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~~Casino Street Act 2: Road of Cards~~

Thanks to this level, there should be absolutely no excuse for getting a Game
Over for the rest of the whole game. This level just gives extra lives to you
by the dozens if you play for cards right. (no pun intended. Ti ji ji ^v^).
You will pass by lots of cards and they will either be a coin, Sonic head, or
an Eggman card. 3 Sonics gives you an extra life. 3 rings give you 10 rings and
Eggmans don't count worth anything so no worries about penalties.

Start things off by using the three glass bowls to get to the platform up top
then pass by 4 cards. Results will vary. Take the low road to touch eight more
cards total. Use the springs and start working your way upwards. Use the manual
flippers to flip a lot of cards around for potentially a whole lot of lives. Do
not drop down; just stay on your current level plane and get 4 cards and hop
on the next set of cards and hop off quickly to avoid being dumped. Use the
speed booster and kill two bubbles and pretty much stay on the ground as you
run until you reach a spring. Use three homing attacks on the pile of cards to
take a Magic Card ride. Spring up and bounce off the springs and I say just
fall past the Bubbles to the ground below. Use the two cards to get across, and
work your way to the spot where cards flip themselves back and forth. Fall down
the card with rings beneath them to collect them though they are nothing of any
specialty here.

Get the sneakers and flip over tons of cards as you run past them. You will see
a Crawl next to the Magic Cards. Get past it and take the Magic Card ride to
the next area where cards flip themselves. Stand in the middle and drop then
drop on the left and drop on the right that way you get all the cards in this
sequence and pull to the right. Just keep runnning to the right and along the
curves and you will hit more cards. More cards keep on coming as you bounce off
the springs to the top. Kill the batbots as you see them or they will keep on
chasing you. Get past the moving columns and wait for the cards to flip down so
you can use the flipper to spring past them. You will continue to stay on the
high path until you reach a spot where the cards flip like crazy. You better
time your jumps super carefully because one wrong step and its into the abyss
for you. Good you made it. Now run down the little path and get past the Crawls
here. Don't touch the auto flippers. Now this part is going to be a nightmare.
You must time the first three cards perfectly or you will fall to your death.
Make sure the first card flips up first then jump to the next and hope it flips
up too. Run down the card bridge quickly and make a leap of faith to reach safe
ground and end this level. Whew!


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