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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Casino Street Act 1

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Casino Street Act 1  

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~~Casino Street Act 1: Neon City Adrift in the Night~~

Ahh! The good old days of Casino Night Zone where you get to play a little game
of pinball complete with bumpers and jackpot slots. Get a speed boost up the
curves and work your way up. Get past the Crawl and run up the half pipe and
stay on there on the ground. You should end up on a pinball startup spring and
you hold the jump button to pull back and let go to release. You go through a
loop and hit a spring. Use the Bubbles to clear the spikes and be on another
pinball startup spring that shoots you straight up and into some triangular
bumpers. Use the auto flipper from the right side to vault to a manual flipper
and roll to the end of it and flip off. Hit the lamp post and go to the lower
region and use the startup spring to boost you to some manual flippers. You can
choose to play the jackpot slot for more (or less) coins or drop to the bottom
and get an invincibility box.

Go all the way up and use the startup spring and go right and from here start
working your way down to the bottom. You will pass a 1-up box on the way. Get
past the moving column and use two startup springs and you are home free.


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