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Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Splash Hill Act 2

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Walkthrough - Splash Hill Act 2  

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~~Splash Hill Act 2: High Speed Athletics~~

Now things start to get more innovative where I can go into more details. At
the start of the level, you have to swing back and forth on the vine to get
enough leverage to swing over the hill. Get the 10-ring box and I find it easy
to take the low road. Run through the corkscrew and through the loop and you
will end up on the vine. Take a high swing and use the Homing Attack on the
two Bubbles for leverage to land on the ledge. Swing high twice. If you miss
the ledge, there is a swing where you can bounce back and try again but you got
to swing left to get on the ledge then get back on the vine. Use a homing boost
to make it easier.

You will touch a lampost and run through two loops and a corkscrew. There is an
invincibility box. Use it to get as far to the right as possible. You will more
than likely hit a sneaker box while still invincible. On the same token, the
invincibility should wear off by the time you reach a set of springs that will
bounce you straight up. The last spring will take you to the top of a hill, hit
the Speed Booster and you'll end up on a vine. Stay high and use the Bubbles to
reach the spring and go through a loop. Stay high as possible because you will
land in the spikes if you fail to reach the next hill. Use the homing attack on
the buzzer for leverage. The exit is to the right.


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