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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Launch Base Zone - Act 2

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Launch Base Zone - Act 2  

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3.06 - Launch Base Zone

Act 2
Head right and let the carrie take you down. Get the three rings and go past
the two blue, floating platforms and run down the slope to the right, doing the
Spin Attack to gain speed while you do so. You'll go over a range of pipes and
across the ceiling before hitting a spring against the wall so that you can
just barely land on the ledge to the right.

Go right and destroy the Ribot to the right of the Flamethrower and walk into
the spring in the wall to go up the wall to the right, across the ceiling over
some spikes before going left to see some sort of gateway. Walk through it and
go across the silver spinning cylinder to your left. Get past the Orbinaut in
the middle, and get to the other side and touch the Starpost to record your
progress so far in the last level of the game.

Head left, get the three rings, take out the Flybot767 coming in towards you,
then jump onto the red hook and you'll ascend above the black pipe above you.
When you're up, jump onto the pipe and use the springer to the left to be shot
to the right, doing a spin attack whilst doing so, and you'll come into contact
with another spring in the right wall which sends you up the sloping pipe to
your left, and you'll crash into a Super Ring monitor. What style .

Jump onto the hook to the right hanging from the girder, and let it take you to
the right. You'll get a hell of a lot of rings, then jump onto the platform
moving very little from side to side to the right of where the hook stops, when
it comes to you. From there, leap onto the floating platform to your right and
get the triangle of rings, then stand on the crumbling part to the right and
drop. Now head up the sloping pipe and you'll see some sort of pipe obstructing
your path at the top of the tube.

Spin Dash through it to destroy it and thus carry on. You'll go to the right,
up a flick and land on the ledge to the right. Take out the Ribot to the right
and drop down the gap to the right (make sure to time it carefully so that you
drop when the flamethrowers aren't shooting fire). At the bottom, go down the
gentle slope to the left, across the red barrier bridge and RUN (don't spin) up
the next curve to the left, because there are some Robotnik monitors there!
Walk through the tunnel in the wall to the left and hit the red gadget above
the spikes using the moving platform.

Now go back out and head all the way back to that red barrier bridge, which has
moved. You can now drop down the gap (make sure the flamethrower isn't firing)
and go up the little curve, get the rings and then run down the sloped tube to
the right, and Spin Attack to gain momentum. You'll hit a spring to be
propelled back to the left, over a curve in the pipe, up a ceiling and landing
next to a platform in a small gap.

Stand on the platform and it'll fall and you'll land on another platform just
above a Snale Blaster. Drop down to the left to land on another platform and
hit the Snale Blaster when it exposes its back. Use the platform below the
Snale Blaster to drop down a little and destroy the beam shooter in the niche
to its right. Spin Dash through the pipe and you'll go right and a hidden
springboard in the ground shoots you over some spikes in the wall (that you
thought you were just about to hit), over some more slopes, then hitting a
springboard to go straight up and get four rings, then move to the right a
little so you land on the edge of the ledge to the right.

Take out the Ribot and head right, past the platform above the spikes, then
Spin Dash through the pipe so that it breaks and water starts pouring out. Step
into the water falling down and you'll go through the tube around the area and
be spat out next to two monitors; the one on the left has a Robotnik in it -
AVOID, and the one on the right has a Super Ring in it - GET.

Now go left, fight the Ribot, and go through the gateway when the laser is not
coming down, otherwise you will suffer the same damage as a badnik attack. Now
go across the silver rotating cylinder to the left, watching out for an
Orbinaut in the middle, and carefully through the gateway on the end at the
left of the cylinder.

Jump over the spring hanging out the wall to the left, then go down the step to
the left and run up the flick. Jump on one of the two springboards to be
launched through the ceiling. Take out the Ribot to the left and jump into the
carrier and let it take you down. At the bottom, jump out to the left and get
the eight rings as you go down the gap, then run right, down the slope, then
after that, fight the Ribot on the next ledge and go right, up the slope, get
past the flamethrower and jump onto the hook to the right to descend.

Jump off and Spin Dash through the pipe to your left to hit the springboard in
the wall and be sent spinning off to the right. After going down a few slopes,
curves and being sent back in the other direction, you'll smash a Super Ring
monitor against the wall. From there, jump into the carrier just above you and
it will take you down, underwater.

Once at the bottom, jump out to the right and get past a series of Orbinauts, a
Ribot, then hit the spring in the wall to go to the right and then onto a
springboard in the floor to go up the curve and skilfully land in another
carrier and go up. The carrier will start spinning around frantically then
fling off to the left and you'll hit a wall and fall out. Use the hook on the
girder to get back to the right.

When the hook stops, jump onto the little platform then onto the ledge and
collect the Water Shield if you need it, then drop back down and go down the
slope leading underwater and keep going right until you come to a dead end.
Jump into the carrier against the wall. It takes you up to the next carrier,
which you should jump into, and this takes you above the pipe. Jump out and go
right, down the slope on this pipe, touch the Starpost and then run right, down
the little slope to enter the Boss area. Now for the rest of the level, please
refer to the "Boss List" section of this guide until you beat the game. Also,
if you got all 7 Chaos Emeralds when you finish the game with Sonic (and
Tails), you're treated to a SPECIAL ending! I won't spoil any endings for you,
but it's pretty cool and you damn well deserved it.

Congratulations upon beating Sonic the Hedgehog 3!


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