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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Launch Base Zone - Act 1

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Launch Base Zone - Act 1  

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3.06 - Launch Base Zone

Act 1
You begin the level by jumping out of the snow from the remainder of the Ice
Cap Zone and entering the Launch Base. Get the three rings in the air to the
right of you, run down the gentle slope and jump over the little alarm system
(a Flybot767 is sent out if you walk through it). Go up the flick onto the next
ledge, and grab three more rings above you. Go right, jump over the set of
spikes that pop up from the ground and you'll see some sort of large, silver
coloured cylinder. When you walk across this, you'll go around the cylinder.
Cross to the other side (beware of the Orbinaut in the middle) and jump to the
next ledge.

Head down the curve and up the flick and kill the mechanical frog clinching the
red girder. Then jump onto the hook to its right, and while you are facing
right, the hook takes you to the other side of the line, getting some rings
while it does so. Then, when you are at the other side, jump over the spikes
coming up from the ground, get the three rings in the air and drop down to the
next ledge. Head right, go up the curve and enter the square hole in the tube,
which turns out to be some sort of elevator that takes you to the next area.

Once you arrive in the next area, leave the tube and go left, carefully getting
past the spike sliding up and down between the gold pipes (better to jump over
it rather than run under it). Fight/avoid the Orbinaut to the left of that, and
then jump into the carrier that is attached to the blue pole. Allow it to take
you up through the ceiling and into the next area, where you jump off right and
take out the Ribot and when you go further to the right you'll enter some sort
of a building.

Go to the right-hand end of the building and jump onto the stationary platform
with two rings on it, above the spikes. Now start climbing upwards using the
moving platforms above, and take out the Snale Blaster when it exposes its
back, as it practically cannot be hurt when you attack the shell. Jump onto the
ledge to the left first and head over to the wall and destroy the red gadget
hanging on the wall.

Now go back right and you will notice that this has caused the red and black
striped barrier to fall down to create a bridge across the gap. Go across it,
and before you jump into the carrier, go to the right and look behind the pipe
on the right to find a Lightning Shield. Once oyu have it, then jump into the
carrier. Once it has taken you up, jump off to the left and destroy the laser
beam shooters hanging from the blue girder above you, as well as fighting your
way past an Orbinaut.

Jump into the next carrier, and when it reaches the top of the pole, it begins
to start swinging around rapidly before detaching and hitting the far wall to
the right, causing you to fall out. When you land on the ledge, go right and
thus exit the building.

Get the rings in the air and fight the Ribot to your right. Get three more
rings after that, and at the end of the ledge you'll see a flamethrower. Stand
on top of the flamethrower and jump onto the platform moving from side to side
to its right. When it takes you to the right, jump onto the blue tube with
several windows on, and go right, jumping up the step and getting the rings
(mind the flamethrower there as well) and get past the alarm system. Go up the
flick and jump to the small, floating platform to the left.

Now grab hold of the hook and face right so that it carries you all the way
across. At the end, carefiully jump onto the crumbling ledge hanging from the
entrance to the building (mind not to hit the spikes sticking out of the wall)
and enter this building. Jump off to the right and get the rings. When you land
down on the slope, go right and destroy the red gadget in the wall to make that
red barrier below you disappear and block up the left side. As you fall down,
get the Water Shield if you want it, and the Super Ring. Then use one of the
two springboards to shoot yourself up high, and land on the ledge to your right
and fight the Orbinaut, and hit the red gadget to make the afore mentioned red
barrier disappear so you can proceed with getting through the level.

Once you get past the barrier, head left, down the slope and out of the
building and down another steep slope, which takes you to the inside of another
building. Drop down and go right, down the slope and get the Super Ring, being
careful not to get hit by the flames coming out of the flamethrower to the
right. Then go back up the slope to the left (using the platform that goes up
it when you step on it if you want to) and exit the building.

Head down the slope to the left, and when you drop off onto the next slope that
goes in the opposite direction, head right down it, and when you come to the
wall, you'll hit a springboard that shoots you up and through a looping tube so
that you are shot out to the side, down a long slope and over some curly ground
before coming into another area and dropping down to hit some sort of spring
contraption so that you go across two slopes and into another looping tube that
shoots you upwards, through the ground, and then dropping to hit another spring
so that you go up the left wall, across the ceiling, and dropping when you hit
the side of some spikes.

From where you land, head left, taking out the Ribot, down the little slope to
the left and you'll find another of the silver cylinders. Get across it (there
are Orbinauts in the middle above and below, so try jumping the one on the
upper side). Enter the building on the left-hand side of the top of the

Run left and go up the slope, watching out for all the beams that the things on
the girders above shoot down at you. Touch the Starpost at the top of the slope
and proceed with heading to the left, out of the building, and be careful not
to land on the spikes below the crumbling ledge sticking out. Use the springer
to be send up the slope to the left at high speed, up the wall and landing on
the next ledge and being carried up by a carrier disguised in the ground. When
the carrier reaches the top of its course, jump onto the platform to the right,
then enter the building.

Go up the slope and destroy the beam-shooter and hit the red gadget hanging
from the wall to make the red and balck barrier below you go so that you fall
down the gap. Go right, past the Orbinaut, climb up the steps (be aware of the
flamethrower) and exit the building to the right. Get the rings, then after the
springboard to the right, jump and grab the hook on the line and let it take
you across the pit below you and jump onto the ledge to the right. Get past the
crusher between the gold pipes with the spikes lodged between them and run into
the side of the loopy tube so that you are shot up through the ceiling, and
move to the right to land on safe ground.

Run to the right and at the end of the ledge, make a long jump to the next
ledge to your right. Get the three rings here and jump up the next ledge (be
careful of the spikes coming out of the wall) and jump over the alarm system
and use the springer to go across the ceiling and drop into the next building.
Go right and jump over the next springer (because it leads to the left) and
cross the cylinder, and also getting past the Orbinauts on it and exiting to
the right.

Slowly run down the curvy slope and get past the spiky crusher between the two
pipes, and jumping into the tube-elevator to the right. When it takes you to
the next area, go left and jump over the short blue platform floating above the
pit and jump onto the little platform to the left of it with the Ribot on. Then
jump onto the high platform to the upper-left and go left, and at the edge,
make a jump onto the hook so that it takes you to the left. Jump onto the ledge
when it arrives.

Jump onto the spiky crusher to the left, and when it takes you up, jump into
the blue tube in the wall to your left. When you come out the other side, jump
over to the wall to the left and destroy the red gadget to make the red barrier
come out below you so that you can go left and get the Lightning Shield and
Super Ring monitors. Stand on the platform to the left and it falls down the
gap and you can then go down the slope. You'll go over some curves in the
ground, touching a Starpost and down another slope then into a loopy tube that
shoots you up into another loopy tube, which shoots you to the right, into
another loopy tube that shoots you up and through the ceiling and you should
land next to a building.

Go inside this building and run against the wall so that a springboard in the
ground makes you go up so you can land on the ledge to the right, where you'll
see Robotnik! You can try hitting him if you want, but this doesn't do anything
so you might as well not bother. From this ledge, jump onto the diagonally
moving platform to the left, then into the carrier to the left, and when it
stops moving upwards, jump into the carrier to its right, and when it takes you
to the top of the building, look who's there!

It's Knuckles! He chucks a bomb into the building and runs off. Follow him out,
and you'll witness the building crumble. When the building has finished falling
to rubble, you can continue going to the right, to touch a Starpost with three
rings above it. Then head into the next building to the right, where you'll
spot Robotnik flying off, leaving you to deal with the last Mini-Boss of the
game, so of you need some help, please scroll to the "Boss List" section of the
guide, then finishing the act.


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