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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Ice Cap Zone - Act 2

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Ice Cap Zone - Act 2  

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3.05 - Ice Cap Zone

Act 2
Go right, past the empty ice cube, and down the slope. Get the eight rings, and
go up the little flick. Bash the ice cube and the monitor for a Lightning
Shield so that you are not hurt by the Star Pointer's spike balls, to the right
of you. Fight it or jump over it and run right (look out for an ice shooter
above you) and go down the next slope and around the loop-de-loop. You'll go
through a translucent ice chute (spin attack when you do) and then up a little
slope and through a pile of snow, taking out a Penguinator.

Go through the next loop-de-loop and past two Star Pointers and a bridge, you
end up going up a little flick onto a small ledge with four ice blocks stacked
on top of each other on it. Spin Dash through the bottom block to destory it,
then jump onto the ice block stack and jump onto the ledge to your right.

Head right, past two Star Pointers and an ice shooter, and Spin Dash through
the loop-de-loop to the right. You'll gain speed as you go through another loop
and you'll go high off a flick, so move to the right to land on the ledge. Get
past the two ice shooters and Spin Dash through the pile of snow to the right
of them so that you go down a slope. When you go round the loop-de-loop, hold
Down to spin attack and thus break through the ice at the bottom of the loop
blocking up the tunnel, a la Hill Top Zone in Sonic 2.

When you go through the tunnel, down the slope and round the loops make sure
you have got a lot of speed so that when you flick off at the end, you go so
high that you land on the pink bouncy thing held by the green rings. Don't
worry if you miss it though because you can go right across the ice blocks in
the water if you don't manage it. Anyway, this walkthrough covers if you take
the pink bouncers. Jump on the bouncers to go higher to land on another one,
then bounce high on that to go through a bridge and back into the overworld.

Go right, through the pile of snow, and up the flick. Fight the Penguinator to
your right, and on the next ledge to your right, you'll see a crusher, so Spin
Dash through it and get your timing right. As you go through the loop-de-loop
to the right of it, be sure to Spin Attack to go through the ice at the bottom
of the loop. You'll end up gaining speed again and going high to land on a pink
bouncer again, and use this to bounce onto the next bouncer to the upper right
of this, then bounce off of this to land on the next ledge to the right.

Fight your way through the Penguinators, jump over the pink bouncer above the
pit to the right and get the Super Ring from the monitor, then jump back onto
this bouncer to go up, and through a bridge. Head right, round some
loop-de-loops, and you'll hit a Starpost on the way, go up off the flick, hit
the ceiling, and come back down to the ground. Go past the Star Pointer and
Penguinator and then go through the tunnel to your right, with two crushers in
it that move upwards, so advance past them carefully.

After this, you go up a short slope and arrive in the boss area. So, if you
need a helping strategy on this next boss, then please go to the "Boss List"
section of this guide. Once you have defeated Robotnik and hit the button on
the capsule, advance to the right and spin through the snowy tunnel to arrive
in Launch Base Zone, the final zone of the game - it's now time to foil
Robotnik's master plan!


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