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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Carnival Night - Act 1

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Carnival Night - Act 1  

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3.04 - Carnival Night Zone

Act 1
You will touch down in the Carnival Night Zone (one of my fave fun zones to
play!). So start by going right and grabbing the three rings right in front of
you. After you pass a row of different coloured balloons, make a running jump
off the ledge to land on a floating platform to your right with a Super Ring
monitor on it. Get this then drop off the platform and run to your right, up
the slope and past the circling white and red bumpers. You'll see a Clamer next
so try to make a running jump over it and landing on the platform in the air to
the right and getting the rings on it. From that one, jump over the red balloon
to your right and landing on the next platform and gaining the rings from this

Now drop to the ground and advance to the right, over all the fans that blow
you up and then after them, go up the curve and jump onto the ledge ot the left
and collect the rings. Now go back to the right and run under the platform with
the Flame Shield on (you can just barely make a running jump onto this to get
it) and run under the spikes when they are not poking out. Go down the red
'twister' slope and at the bottom you'll go up a flick and up a sort of spiral
like structure that you cling onto. Let it take you up and at the top, jump off
to the right onto the platform with four rings on it.

Now go right and cross over the fans, and they'll go up in a stair-like fashion
after some bumpers. Get up them and then run into the alcove to the right and
a suction above you will pull you up onto the next floor. Now head left and get
through the small tunnel with the circling bumpers and a couple of cylinders
that move up and down (careful not to let them crush you!). To the left of them
is some sort of turbo generator that pushes you through to the left. Go through

You will go down a slope, getting rings then up a flick then collide with some
rubber bumpers that take you through a chute to the next area. Jump over the
pit with three bumpers in to the left then get past the circling bumpers that
are to the left of these. Grab the three rings in the little pit between the
two springboars then keep advancing left. Jump over the Clamer and land on the
springboard. Let it take you to the ceiling and you'll hit the side of some
spikes then fall down vertically to land on some weird platform with red
balloons on the bottom. Let it take you up (do this by standing on the platform
so it sinks a little then jump and it'll go up) and then jump onto the ledge to
your right.

Jump over the Clamer on this ledge and jump onto the ledge to the right and
collect the rings (careful not to hit the sideways spring). You can get the
Water Shield on the platform to the left if you wish. Carrying on, go right and
under the spikes sticking out of the ceiling and stand under that suction-pipe
thingy again and it'll carry you up to the next area.

Exit this little pit via the flick to the left. You can jump into the wall to
the left of the balloon-platform into a secluded area with a Giant Ring!
Special Stage, anyone? Once you're finished in there, go back out to the right
and use the balloon-platform to go up a little and jump on the wheel. Run to
the right on it and you'll actually stick to the wheel while you go around it!
Then make a jump to the right, over the spikes sticking out of the wall with
the three rings beside them.

To the right is a Starpost you can use to keep your progress and play Bonus
Stage if you wish. Run down the little slope and perform a Spin Attack to get
through the wall with red and yellow squares on. You'll then drop into a
twister slide. Now here, the slide can emit you out in one of two directions.
Since this FAQ only covers the one, I will repeat here again that don't worry
if you end up getting the other route. This level is very linear and there are
several ways to beat it.

So the slide drops you off at the left-hand exit. Go right, getting the three
rings and then go through the chute with the bumpers on the ceiling and floor.
At the end of them, go right over the curvy floor and at the end you'll go up a
flick and through a little platform that opens as you go through. In this next
area, go up the curve to your right and get over the Clamer then use the fans
to the right to cross the gap (keep above the one that moves). Then as you go
down the slope, perform a Spin Attack so that you gain momentum and you'll gain
enough speed to fly over a twister and come into contact with another of those
electromagnetic spirals. Let it take you to the top, then jump onto the spiral
to the right and let it take you down a little so as that you're underneath the
spikes sticking out of the wall then jump off to the right and hold right so
that you hug the wall. You should go in through a secret passage in the wall to
find a Giant Ring to play for a Chaos Emerald!

After snagging the ring, you'll fall through a hole in the ground of this
secret area and land on the edge of a ledge with a horizontally-moving cylinder
to the left of it. Go right and go over all the fans that blow you up in the
air. Land on the platform to the right, go past the bumpers and stand on the
cylinder next. Press up and down repeatedly a few times and it'll make you move
up and down. Once you get high enough, jump onto the ledge to the right and
leap onto the cylinder that is going up and down by itself. Let it take you up.

Now jump on the platform to your left and jump over the Clamer there. To the
left you'll see some spikes that come in and out of the ceiling occasionally.
Use caution to get past these then you'll see a springboard in the wall. Jump
up and touch the balloons above you to land on the next platform to your left.
Now go left some more, past the bumpers circling around in the tunnel and allow
the suction to take you up.

In the next area, go right and pass through the tunnel (careful not to get
squished by the cylinder going up and down inside it). Then jump over the
Clamer to your right then go down the slope with the twister on it to your
right. At the end you'll go past a Starpost and up a slope, and then into the
Boss area. For help on defeating this boss, please proceed to reading the "Boss
List" section of this guide. After beating him, let the platform touch the
ground and then let the signpost touch the ground to finally finish this
tediously long level!


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