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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Angel Island Zone - Act 2

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Angel Island Zone - Act 2  

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3.01 - Angel Island Zone

Act 2
Oh yes! Did I forget to mention that Act 2 follows straight from the end of Act
1, instead of starting in a brand new location like in Sonic 1 and Sonic 2?
Yup, that's another thing new to Sonic 3's gameplay system. But anyhow, let's
get back to what we were talking about. From the start, run right and use a
Spin Attack or Spin Dash to break through the boulders in the wall and you'll
spin through a winding tunnel, collecting eight rings on the way. When you come
out of the tunnel, you'll go across a couple of falling ledges and through a
wall into a secret area with a Giant Ring. Jump inside this to play a Special
Stage to play for a Chaos Emerald.

After doing that, go left, back out of this little alcove and stand on one of
the crumbling ledges and when you drop into the next area, go right. In the
little part where there is a pool of water, go in to collect three rings. Then
head right and jump into the huge are of water. In the big pool, there's
another of those mechanical caterpillars. Destroy it then jump on the boulder
to destroy it and uncover a hidden springboard. Use this springboard to soar
into the air and land on one of the falling logs. The logs may not appear the
first time, so if not, just drop back into the pool and use the springboard to
soar back up again and you should land on a falling log this time.

Now start climbing upwards using the logs, and at the top of the waterfall,
jump onto the ledge to the right, taking out the Bloominator and collect the 1-
Up from the monitor to the right of it. Then go back onto the logs descending
down the waterfall. Wait until you see a swinging vine. Jump onto this and
swing to the right and jumping off. Fight the Rhinobot if you wish, then go
right and jump off the ledge onto another vine on a zipline, which falls
halfway down because a part of the line is blocked off by flames.

When you plunge into the water, go right and jump over the little logs that
revolve with thorns on them. At the end, spin dash up the curve of the slope
and land onto the ground to the right. Run right, getting the three rings and
run up the next curved part of the ground to the right. Spin Dash through the
wall blocked up by boulders and you'll go into another of those winding
tunnels. You'll be taken into a large area of water with a springboard to the
left. Jump on this to propel into the air and land on the ledge to the right.
Run right and you'll come into a secret area with a switch. Jump on it and the
water level will lower and you can advance through the stage as normal.

Go back down and you'll see the wall to your right has been removed. Run down
the little slope, getting three rings and jump over the spring in the wall and
touch the Starpost for a checkpoint. Now go right and you'll find a long bridge
of panels that flip over. Stand on the very left panel and let yourself drop
down when the panel flips and you'll find a Lightning Shield. Get it, then use
the shield's double jump to get back up. Now run across this bridge of flipping
panels. Jump over the boulder and jump over the spring and climb up the ledges,
and here you should see a red tree. Run left and you'll go up a semi-circular
curve and run along the ceiling to land on the branch.

Run right and fight the Bloominator. Destroy the boulder and run down the slope
and go round the loop and make a Spin Attack to pick up speed. As you go down
the slope and through another loop, you'll be flicked at the end of the slope
and cross a long gap. Get the four rings here and then use the springboard in
the ground next to the wall to your right to get taken into the air. Land on
the ledge to your left to get another springboard to get up further. To the
right there's a ledge with a Rhinobot on it with a vine above it. Instead of
wasting your time there, go left and cross the waterfall using the ledges that
appear, and jump over them only when they're visible.

At the other side of the waterfall, jump on the spring and land on the ledge to
your left. Jump to the next ledge to the left and you'll just barely notice
some boulders blocking up the wall to your left. Spin Dash through it to find a
secret room with three monitors for a reward of a Water Shield and 20 rings.
Once you've got them, go back to the right and jump onto the next ledge to the
right. Fight the Rhinobot then make a long jump onto the wooden bridge to the
right and run across it, getting the rings and jump over the set of spikes that
follow. Fight the Monkey Dude in the tree, and get the Fire Shield in the tree
by Spin Dashing up the curve to the right and jumping off to the left to hit
it. Then go back up the curve and touch the Starpost and try a Bonus Stage if
you have 50 or more rings.

After you've done so, Spin Dash through the boulder to the right to go through
a winding tunnel. When you re-emerge in the overworld, get the three rings to
the right then start running to the right. You'll see a huge hovercraft appear
above you as you run along that drops bombs down at you. But as long as you
keep your thumb down on the Right button on the D-Pad and run at full speed,
they won't hit you. After the hovercraft disappears, you'll see Robotnik in the
background. Keep running to the right through the forest and you'll then enter
the boss area. For tips on beating Robotnik, read the "Boss List" section for
help on doing so.

After defeating Robotnik, hit the button on the hovering carrier to finish the
level. Knuckles then appears and hits a switch, causing you to fall into the
next Zone. Enter Hydrocity Zone.


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