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Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Angel Island Zone - Act 1

Tutorial Name: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Walkthrough - Angel Island Zone - Act 1  

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3.01 - Angel Island Zone

Act 1
As you start your game file, if you picked Sonic & Tails or Sonic Alone, you'll
see a short scene of Sonic and Tails on their plane approaching the Floating
Island. Sonic leaps off the plane and morphs into Super Sonic! He glides across
the water into the Angel Island Zone when he is suddenly bushwhacked by your
new rival of the game, Knuckles the Echidna. He steals all your Chaos Emeralds
then runs off, then you begin the game here. If you picked Tails Alone, you'll
simply begin here. Anyway, let's begin.

Run right and the ground raises slightly and you can collect the first three
rings of the game. Collect five more rings as you go down the slope and watch
out for the Monkey Dude in the tree after the slope. Take him out if you need
to. Go up the curved slope to the right, getting the three rings and jump on
top of the boulder to the right of the tree and it will fall apart, revealing a
hidden springboard in the ground. Jump on this to be launched into the air and
manoeuvre to the left and land in the top of the tree to hit another
springboard and move yourself to the left and land on the little platform
moving up and down. From this, jump onto the ledge just to the left and you'll
find two screens with a Super Ring and some Super Sneakers to snag.

Drop back down to the ground and go right again. After the part where you
uncovered the spring, collect three more rings, jump up the steps and avoid the
spring in the wall. Go right and fight the Rhinobot. Jump over the two sets of
spikes and stand on the part of the ledge that sticks out and it will crumble
and you'll fall to the ground. Now look to your left and you'll see some
boulders blocking up the wall. Spin dash into these (hold Down on the D-Pad and
any of the action buttons then release them) and you'll go through the boulders
and find a secret area with a Giant Ring in. Jump in to attempt to get a Chaos
Emerald from the Special Stage.

Once you're done there, go back out and run right. Take out the Monkey Dude in
the tree, then go up the slope collecting the rings then jump over the two
springs sticking out of the walls as you advance to the right. Stand on the
boulder to the right and wait for the swinging vine to appear above your head.
Time your jump and grab the vine to swing left and right on it (it may take a
couple tries to grab it successfully), then make a leap to the right onto the
ledge with all the boulders on. Charge a Spin Dash to the right to plow all the
boulders down and get an Invincibility monitor.

Continue going to the right and fight the Bloominator. Jump over the boulder to
the right, getting the three rings just above it, then cross the waterfall by
jumping to the right. Use the falling logs if you need to. Jump on the boulder
to break it and continue going right. Hit the Monkey Dude in the tree to avoid
being annoyed by it. Go right, up the slope and getting the rings, take out the
Rhinobot and jump on the springboard on the edge of where the ledge is raised.
If you move to the left in midair, you will land on a floating ledge with a
Starpost on, which you can touch to enter Bonus Stage if you have 50 rings.

If you move to the right in midair, you can get three rings and land on top of
the loop-de-loop. From this loop, make a jump to the right and you should
hopefully land on another loop-de-loop if your distance was right. On top of
this loop, you can smash the monitor for a Super Ring. Also, while on top of
this loop, make a running jump to the right as far as you can and you should
hit a 1-Up monitor on a little ledge hanging out of a tree. Now go back to the
first loop-de-loop, run through it and do a Spin Attack. You'll gain speed,
whiz through the next loop and when you rush into the tree, an updraft will
carry you to the higher end of the tree where you can exit. Go right, down the
steps, and you'll encounter the end-of-level boss. Don't bother fighting it, as
all it does here is fire missiles that set the island up in flames. You can't
destroy it here, so don't bother. Once the boss leaves, you can carry on with
the level.

Go right as usual and jump onto the raised part of the ground and touch the
Starpost to enter the Bonus Stage should you have 50 rings. After doing so, go
into the next area, and carefully as there are some spikes that pop in and out
from above your head just next to the Starpost. Now in this next area, walk
down the slope, getting the rings, and to your right you'll see two
springboards side-by-side on the ceiling, and two springboards below them. Jump
down into the gap to the left of these springboards. You'll break through the
ground into another area. Go left and Spin Dash through the rocks and into a
secret area. Jump onto the springboard, and when you are propelled into the air
you'll see a Giant Ring. Try to get in it to enter another Special Stage, where
you can try for a Chaos Emerald.

After you've done that, land on the springboard to be rocketed up again and hit
the middle part of the ceiling above where the Giant Ring was to come back up
into the overworld. Go right again and into the area to the right to find the
set of four springboards you saw earlier. This time, jump over to the right-
hand side of the springboards to get back into the overworld. Jump over the
boulder or destroy it by jumping on it then go right, quickly jumping off the
crumbling ledge and getting three rings and landing on another crumbling ledge.
Go right, down a slope getting three more rings and jump onto the next ledge,
taking out the floating caterpillar creature. You'll spot a vine to your right.
Jump onto it and you'll swing to the right and as you go down the zipline
you'll get lots of rings, and at the end, you'll swing around in circles. Jump
to the right as you flick off the zipline to land on top of another loop-de-
loop, where you can destroy another monitor for a Lightning Shield.

Drop off at the left side of the loop and run through it to get some more
rings. Drop off the ledge and get the Super Ring and go down the next slope to
the right, getting some more rings, and next to the wall with the boulders
lodged in, there's a springboard in the ground. Step on it to launch into the
air and move to the right to land on a ledge with a boulder on it. Stand on
this boulder and jump to your left to land on a falling ledge above some spikes
sticking out of the wall. Quickly jump left and hit the Bloominator and get the
Fire Shield (it'll help in the boss battle you're about to face). Make a
running jump to the right onto another ledge and run down the slope, getting
some rings, and when you advance some more to the right, you'll meet the boss.
Please read the "Boss List" section if you need any help, although it's still
quite simple. Once you beat it, the signpost will come down and Act 2 will


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