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Ps3Xploit 3.0 (Preview)- New Features for SuperSlim & more

Tutorial Name: Ps3Xploit 3.0 (Preview)- New Features for SuperSlim & more  

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Ps3Xploit 3.0 (Preview)- New Features for SuperSlim & all non-cfw comp. Ps3 Models

What a journey it has been in hacking the PlayStation 3 despite all the progress the community has made over the years, there has been those NoN-CFW Compatible PS3's (SuperSlim and some later Slim Models) unable to join the party on system hacks/homebrew to make most of their PS3 Hardware While CFW is not a likely option to ever happen on those models, the hole in 4.81/2 provided by PS3Xploit has brought some hope to hacks on those models as it provides a window for hackers/developers to explore. As the PS3Xploit team continues their exploration on the PS3 they have stumbled on some good news and also some bad news. The bad news is that the team still has not solved the Homebrew hurdle for those models and is proving to be a tall task that may not be achieved, but let me follow that up with some really exciting news, as the team has made yet another great discovery and this time around it's for SuperSlims (& late Slims) while no native Homebrew Support has been achieved as mentioned, there is some other interesting hacks that make those models more desirable with some great new features!!!!

This exploit is only relying on userland exploitation, while not a kernel exploit there are some clever features coming to the table as the PS1 / PS2 / PSP Emulators (within the ps3 firmware) have been unlocked for digital backups and also the ability of backing up your PS3 Games and turning them into digital media playable straight from the XMB, User's familiar with the Injections methods in 4.70 OFW will be a step ahead with those same preparations (using TABR) and the quirks like requiring a "game update" in order to backup your game are required. Cinavia protection removed for HDD Content is also a feature that should be appearing in this release as well, we should be seeing this released sometime in March, but there is no concrete date as of yet. Additional details will be emerging as we get closer to the release and additional detailslike a short interview with one of the devs of the team can be seen below that provides some additional bits of information about this hack.

About the Video >>>:Tested on CECHE01 w/ OFW 4.82
1. Verifying the firmware is the latest OFW,
2. Downloading a demo PS3 game from PSN
3. Running the original
4. Enabling IPF [install Package Files]
5. Verifying the mod content cannot be installed
6. HAXing it to allow custom PKG
7. Installing the custom mod
8. Running the modded content.

What will this future exploit provide?
"Install PKG Files" unlocked on XMB (Retail / Debug PKGs,) *No PS3 Homebrew Support
PS1 Emulator Support
PS2 Emulator Support
PSP Emulator Support
PS3 Backup Support (Convert your PS3 Game to Digital PKG - npdrm* (requires game update for disc game backups to work))
New Resigning Tools
What you need to know about the legacy PlayStation emulators?
PS1 emulation is very good on the PS3, most games will play fine
Ps2 emulation is hit and miss on the PS3 (slightly more then half PS2 titles will work fine)
PsP emulation is roughly about a 40% success rate for the PS3
PS3 Backups - Require a Game Update


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