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Okami HD - No Furball on the Menu

Tutorial Name: Okami HD - No Furball on the Menu  

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Description: Make your way to shore without being swallowed by the Water Dragon.

Worth: 10G

How to Earn: This is done after the Sunken Ship sub-dungeon when you have Rao with you.

The chance for this is a ONE-TIME CHANCE. If you miss this, you will have to load up your save file and go through the entire Sunken Ship again. Make sure that you have saved at the Mirror inside the Sunken Ship.

After you've retrieved the Lucky Mallet from the ship, there will be a segment where you're running away from the water dragon. If he eats you, reload your last save. Do NOT let him eat you. You must get back to the shore without being eaten. To do this, keep using the Lilypad technique, and the double-jump technique, which you should have learnt from the second dojo, which is in Ryoshima Coast.

The moment that you hit the sandy shore, this achievement will unlock. If it doesn't, you either got eaten, or it's glitched, and you'll have to reload your save file.


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