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WWE SvR 2011 - Runaway Champ

Tutorial Name: WWE SvR 2011 - Runaway Champ  

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Description: I found there was only one tricky challenge in this particular story, and that was about halfway through, when you are required to steal the ring belt from next to the announcement table, and escape with it up the ramp.

The trouble with this was twofold - firstly, if Jericho runs with the belt he drops it halfway up the entrance ramp, which allows Mysterio and Michaels to catch you. The other is that despite the fact your fight will be happening near the top of the ramp, the camera is positioned by the announcers, meaning you are all distant dots on the screen. All that makes it quite difficult to see what is going on, and therefore to get away from the two managers.

Fortunately, there is something of an exploit that makes this ridiculously easy.

The first thing to know is that neither Mysterio or Michaels will attack you until you take the belt, not even if you start to wail away on them. So it makes sense that you want to incapacitate them in some way before grabbing it and running. However, the developers were wise to this - they take no damage from strikes of any kind, and you can't throw them into the ring - they simply bounce off the apron.

However, it is possible to get them into the ring. Come down to ringside, and to the near side where Mysterio is. The first ring corner you reach (entrance ramp side) has no steps. Drag Mysterio to where the steps would have been, and throw him repeatedly into the ring corner. When he is bouncing back off the steel, adjust your throwing angle slightly and he will be thrown diagonally into the ring (I threw him in from the side he starts on, not the side facing the entrance ramp). It seems the developers didn't plan for players managing to do this, because as soon as Mysterio gets into the ring, he just stands up and doesn't move.

Now, to Michaels. You can't do the same trick on his side, because the steps get in your way, so punch or drag him round to the corner you threw Mysterio into, and repeat the above. Now both managers will be in the ring.

Now, simply walk up to the belt, pick it up, and walk out. You will face no resistance and move on to the next challenge (backstage brawl with Triple H).


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