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WWE SvR 2009 - Unstoppable

Tutorial Name: WWE SvR 2009 - Unstoppable  

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Worth: 60G

Description: Here is the solutions on how to obtain all of the ability's.

Submission: Attempt 7 Struggle Submissions in one match and then win

K.O: Earn 5 star ratings in every Match (no title match) on a single title path.

Lock Pick: Face Y2J in a singles match and escape the Walls of Jericho

Resiliency: Kick out of a pin at 2 while having 2 parts of red body damage.

Durability: Beat a superstar rated 20points higher overall while both having orange damage

Evasive Dodge: Win a Special Match against 2 opponents ( between Rey and/or Jeff Hardy And/or Jimmy Wang Yang)

Hammer Throw: Earn an ability within your first 10 career matches, then get the Sit in the Corner award.

Kip-up: Win 6 championships

Outside Dives: Complete 25 Dives in career.

Possum Pin: Beat 3 people who have the possum pin.

Spring board: win Cruiserweight Title
Ladder Match: Get a 5 star rated ladder match against one of the Hardy's

Object: Complete 50 object attacks in career

Fan Favourite: Successfully taunt 10 times in a match (must not have steal taunt)

Dirty Pin: 5 star rating against 3 different people who have the ability

Table Match: break 40 tables in career (announce tables count)

Referee Shield: Get 5 DQ losses, then win a vhampionship match against a clean superstar

Move Theft: Beat 20 different superstars

Steal Taunt: foil opponents attempt to steal your taunt (can't have fan fave ability)

Bloodshed: make opponents bleed 10times and bleed yourself 10 times (rewarded on win with blood)

Cage Match: win cage match in under a minute by escaping


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