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WWE SvR 2008 - Now that's hardcore

Tutorial Name: WWE SvR 2008 - Now that's hardcore  

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Worth: 20G

Description: Okay here's how I did this.

ECW Extreme Rules match with any 4 weapons that are head shots, (Chair, Singapore Cane, Guitar, Title Belt, etc...)

Choose Batista and play against Jeff Hardy. Make sure you are on LEGEND!

EDIT: Apparently Jeff Hardys special is not set to HARDCORE. MAKE SURE it is set for you. It was for me and I didnt have to change it. Double Check because you will not obtain this achievement unless you face a hardcore superstar.
(Thanks to Crater79 for pointing this out)

Start the match and basically do a plethora of head moves to Hardy and keep him down, you can either just beat him down or get the weapons to make things extreme, (I used the Title Belt because it never gets destroyed and its fairly effective). After his head becomes red the announcers will make a comment about blood and the CPU will begin to touch his face. Now here make sure you keep Hardy down because he is a hardcore superstar so he will get a full momentum bar when he "see's red" so keep him down until his bar is down. After wards just hit a batista bomb or just a big power move and you should get the pin. Good luck!

If you cannot beat him or are having trouble doing so. You can adjust sliders in the main menu.

IF the achievement does not pop, I am sorry to say but you are just going to have to do it over and over until it does. I had 4 achievements in this game not pop when they were supposed to.


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