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WWE SvR 2008 - If it bleeds...

Tutorial Name: WWE SvR 2008 - If it bleeds...  

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Worth: 20G

Description: You'll need to open up a total of seven superstars here. There are a few conflicting reports about what difficulty you need to be on for this one, but everyone agrees it can't be done on Easy. Personally, I did it on Legend just in case, and Legend isn't honestly that much harder than Normal.

Before you start working this one, go to the options menu and make sure knockouts are turned off. You'll be going after your opponents' heads, so you don't want matches ending because they black out before they bleed out.

How you bust these guys open is up to you, but the quickest way is to play exhibition matches in a mode that lets you use foreign objects and get away with it -- pretty much anything that has "Hardcore" or "Extreme" in the match type. Another decent option is one-on-one First Blood matches. Either way, just work your opponent's head and eventually you'll get blood. I found Triple H's Pedigree finisher to be pretty effective for this, but not as effective as a half-dozen chair shots to the skull.

Five ECW superstars are in the regular roster:

CM Punk
Elijah Burke
Johnny Nitro
Marcus Cor Von
Tommy Dreamer

And two have to be unlocked:

Terry Funk

Unlocking Sabu is easy. Just go to the WWE Shop (Under "Game Modes" for some reason) and buy him for $210,000. There aren't any special tricks or requirements to unlock him beyond just ponying up the dough.

Unlocking Terry Funk is a little trickier; before you can buy him, you have to win an Extreme Rules Fatal 4-Way against Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Sabu using any superstar you like, on Legend difficulty (this part we know for sure has to be done on Legend). You can set it up yourself as an exhibition match, or you can find it in "Hall of Fame" mode.

The match is basically a four-man Hardcore contest; only the first person to get a pinfall or submission gets the win. There's no surefire method for victory, but if you pay attention to where all three of your opponents are and stay out of their way while they whack each other with trash cans and ladders and hammers, you shouldn't have too much trouble. There are no count-outs, so spending a lot of time outside the ring is a sound strategy. Just fight smart and don't worry about dishing out punishment so much as avoiding it. Your opponents will all be plenty beat up from what they'll be doing to each other. Break up pinfalls when your opponents go for them, and only try to get a pin on someone yourself when your other two opponents are engaged with each other or outside the ring.

Once you've won, you can visit the Shop and unlock Terry Funk for $210,000, just like you did with Sabu. It's worth mentioning that if you didn't set up that Fatal 4-Way match through Hall of Fame mode, Funk will still show up as "locked" in the Shop until you visit the HoF menu and see the message saying you've unlocked him.

If you're short on cash to buy Funk and/or Sabu, the quickest way to get it is to go into WWE 24/7 mode (preferably on Legend difficulty), select a superstar (any will work, but high-rated ones work better; I used John Cena -- and DON'T drop their stats down to "rookie"), and then go to the calendar. Scroll all the way down to the end (Wrestlemania) and choose the option to simulate all dates up to that point; the game will go though them one date at a time, so expect to wait about ten minutes while it cycles through all of them. When it's done, simulate Wrestlemania, too. You'll come away with at least a few hundred thousand dollars, sometimes more than a million. Save your game and go spend some of that "hard-earned" money in the shop.

The achievement should pop as soon as the final superstar starts bleeding.


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