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WWE SvR 2007 Walkthrough #2 - General Hints and Tips

Tutorial Name: WWE SvR 2007 Walkthrough #2 - General Hints and Tips  

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The only hints and tips that I can really give are first from the main menu go to options and change the settings:

- Entrance: off
- KO: off
- Rope break: off
- DQ: off
- Ring out count: off
- Ring out: off
- Stamina system: off

- AI sliders all to the left (Only change AI sliders to the left; it is just the first page). Move all user's sliders to the right. This makes you really strong. There are three pages in total: the first should be AI settings in which all sliders need moving to the left, and the second and third pages all sliders need moving to the right.

The only other thing to say is when you are one of the smaller characters or you're struggling just pause the game go down to match rules just to make sure DQ is off. Then as long as it is get out of the ring; walk to the middle of the apron on the floor and press (A) to get out a weapon; then smash them in with it. You will get 4 shots with a weapon before it disappears. Keep doing this until they are heavily damaged or bleeding.

Superstars to watch out for: -

The Boogeyman



William Regal

Triple H


The Great Khali

Hardcore Holly

These can be surprisingly hard, especially Viscera. His special is very annoying.

I highly recommend for the royal rumble matches to fight against the created wrestlers that you made and copied as this will make the rumble 100% easier for you.


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