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WWE SvR 2007 Walkthrough #1 - Walkthrough Overview

Tutorial Name: WWE SvR 2007 Walkthrough #1 - Walkthrough Overview  

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Welcome to the Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 Walkthrough. This can be a very time consuming game due to achievements not being stackable. None of the achievements are glitched, but I have been read different things from people saying that the achievements "In Ring Journeyman", "In Ring Technician" and "Complete Domination" glitch out on them, so if you don\'t get them you will have to start again. Also please check on the Hints And Tips page in this walkthrough before starting the game or if you've already started and are struggling as some of the tips might help you.

I'm going to be taking you through the achievements in the order which I believe to be the quickest. However you may get the achievements in a slightly different order but don't worry.

There are a few modes that you will see a lot of:

Exhibition Mode

You can choose the type of matches that you would want to play here but you only really need to play exhibition mode singles matches for "In Ring Journeyman", "In Ring Technician" and "Complete Domination" achievements. These are quite a grind but hopefully the changes in the settings and my lists I have included will help to stop the glitch problems. I have put it on the last page, because you have to have unlocked all of the legends before going for these.

Season Mode

In this mode there are three achievements for doing normal, hard and legend. The achievements do not stack but there is a trick to getting all three achievements which I will explain in the walkthrough.

GM Mode

This mode you have control of the shows Raw and Smackdown. You get to buy superstars, trade superstars, and create the matches for both shows and PPVs. This mode has two achievements tied to it.


In Exhibition mode set up a 10-man Royal Rumble on Easy. Now you are going to want to pick The Great Khali. The reason for this is because when you are close to the rope and you Irish whip them to it as soon as they are on the apron you move the right analog stick and he will just punch them to knock them out. If you just use someone normal like John Cena it will take more than just pushing the stick once to knock people out. Make sure you enter the Royal Rumble at 1 or else none of the achievements will unlock. Keep throwing out players to win the Royal Rumble. Once you win the first time you will get the "Royal Rumble Rookie" achievement. Now the next time pick a 15 man Royal Rumble, once you win the 15 man Royal Rumble you will get the "Royal Rumble Jobber".

Repeat with a 20 and 25 man one on Hard, and finally a 30 man one on Legend.

Online mode

First you will need someone to help you boost these online achievements as this game is a few years old. The way you are going to want to do this is to go to ranked match and click on title match. However you will need to have created a championship which you will have done if you have followed this guide. You are going to look for your partner or create a match. Once you\'re in the match have the player not going for the achievements stand there and the player going for the achievements grapple him or her and pin them or just run and hit them to knock them over and then pin I used Triple H.

To unlock these six achievements this way is no easy slog and you\'re not going to get many minutes left from a 3 hour gaming session. The reason for this is loading times are very slow as the match itself is 10-15 seconds but what felt like 3-4 minutes loading screens. Do this 49 more times and you will net all the online achievements, three achievements at 20 pins and the second three achievements at 50 pins.

This is still a fairly good game for its age and fans of WWE should enjoy it.


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