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WWE SvR 2007 - Complete Domination!

Tutorial Name: WWE SvR 2007 - Complete Domination!  

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Worth: 20G

Requirements to get this achievement

- You have to defeat everyone by pinfall or submission. Not by KO, DQ or ring out count.
- By everyone I mean all 67 characters on the roster, even Legends and Divas so make sure you unlock everyone and make a list so you can check them off if you beat them.
- The difficulty has to be on Legend.

Settings to speed up the proces

- Entrance: off
- KO: off
- Rope break: off
- DQ: off
- Ring out count: off
- Ring out: off
- Stamina system: off
- AI sliders all to the left

How to beat an opponent in less then 1 minute?

- I used my created wrestler. Make sure you have maxed out your stats and have BODY KNEE STRIKE. All you have to do is spam the same move over and over again and focus on one body part. With body knee strike you focus on your opponents torso.
- When the body damage indicator shows a red torso you can use a strike to put your opponent down on the mat.
- Once he is down use a ground grapple which is focused on the torso. Now start tapping buttons until you opponent gives up.
- If all goes right you should be able to defeat the AI in less then 1 minute.

EDIT: As mentioned by Hexa Fox in the comments: Anyone looking you just find Body Knee Strike under Standing then go to Grapple Moves. I put Body Knee Strike as all my Quick Grapple Directions. So anytime I swung the stick no matter what direction I would do the Body Knee Strike.

You also might have to go to the WWE Store and unlock the extra moves set for $3,000 as I had that. Not sure if you need it or not because I already had it.


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