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How to Find out if someone is Scamming you

Tutorial Name: How to Find out if someone is Scamming you  

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Ever been in those lobbys that ask for Point Cards but your not sure if there LEGIT!

Heres A funny and good way to find out if there really legit!

1st. Ask Questions about there jtag they dont know anything or not the right things just leave the game and say its a scam.

2nd: If they answer all those questions because probaly they are looking at google or something say why do you need microsoft points? the will probally make some bad excuse saying that oh i have this program that transfer it to a keyvault.

3rd: This is the part when you find out if there legit. Get 2 friends in the lobby tell the host yes i will pay let me call my friend who gets the points. Call 18004myxbox. Then put it to your mic on speaker they should get scared and leave if there not legit if it says game lobby is closed. check if your friends are still in if there not its fake because the host is prob. taking a shit in his pants!

Have Fun doing this to those fake Lobbies lol!! Give +rep please and thanks!

Ask them
Some common questions about JTAGS
If someone fails to answer theese questions correctly they are a scammer

What version Of Xex Menu are you running... They should say 1.1

What version of freeboot are you running?

They should say 0.3


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