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How To Use Your Computer To Recognize An SD Card

Tutorial Name: How To Use Your Computer To Recognize An SD Card  

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If you're having problems getting your computer to recognize a SD card, you can use a SD card reader adapter and avoid the possibility of installing a pesky application that may not be able to decode the media. You can use your computer to recognize an SD card with a SD card reader adapter. A portable SD card can be used with numerous types of compatible SD devices, and various applications can display or play the media on the card.


Step 1:

Insert the "SD card" into the slot on the USB (Universal Serial Bus) "SD card reader adapter."

Step 2:

Turn on your computer and wait until it has finished booting up. Then, plug the "SD card reader adapter" into a USB port. Make certain that the SD card reader power light is on.

Step 3:

Wait for Windows to display a message that says, "A new device has been detected on your computer." Follow the on-screen instructions. Windows will automatically display the SD card reader adapter as a removable disk. You may need to assign a drive letter to the device.

Step 4:

Click the "Start" button on your taskbar. Highlight and select "My Computer" from the drop down menu. Double-click on the "Removable Disk" icon. Next, drag the files onto your desktop or to a folder and copy the files there. Depending on the type of media that is on the SD card, choose a compatible application that will allow you to open, play or edit the files.

Step 5:

Remove the SD card reader adapter. Before you physically unplug and remove the "SD card reader adapter" from your computer, click the "Removable Disk" icon on your taskbar and follow the on-screen instructions to safely remove the device.


SD cards are sold in various sizes, such as miniSD or microSD card and use different sized slots. However, most SD card reader adapters will allow the smaller sized SD cards to be used in the slots that are made for standard size SD cards.


If you own an older computer, it may not be able to recognize a high definition SD card. Try using a multiple USB card reader to get the card to work with your computer. Also, make certain that the SD card is not locked, otherwise you may see an error message on your display screen that says, "Cannot copy the file... the disk is write protected."


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I had this problem before on my old laptop and spent hours on Youtube for a fix, wish I had this tutorial before.

Thanks a lot for this man, this will sure help out a lot of members on here.